dynavox eyemax

  1. G

    Dynavox Eyemax complete system for sale

    I have a brand new (only used a few times to try to set up) Dynavox Eyemax for sale (complete system including the stand and wheelchair attachment). My husband passed away from ALS in early March and only used it once or twice in an attempt to set it up. Unfortunately he was so progressed at the...
  2. G

    Dynavox Eyemax for sale

    I have a brand new (only used a few times to try to set up) Dynavox Eyemax for sale (complete system including the stand and wheelchair attachment). I am asking $3000 plus shipping for it. Please message me if you are interested or for more information. Thank you.
  3. S

    Dynavox EyeMax + Rolling mount for sale

    Hi, new to the forum. Selling a barely-opened EyeMax Accessory (attaches to a Dynavox VMax/VMax+), along with the manuals, CDs, and a Daessy RM32T 32" rolling stand. We had purchased it as a set, but only needed the VMax itself, so you should supply your own VMax. Still in original...
  4. T

    Dynavox EyeMax w VMAX System------SOLD

    I have the complete system, also the stand that can be used for someone who is confined to a bed. This system is still in the box, it has the Eye Max and VMax, software and user manuals. I want to be able to see someone be blessed with this unit. I am asking $4500.00 plus shipping.
  5. J

    Wanted: Older Communication Device with IST switch

    A friend's mother has MS and one day it progressed so quickly that she went from playing the piano to not being able to move in 24 hours. She has been in a hospital since late September and I am discouraged at the level of help that she has been getting as far as setting her up with some sort...
  6. T

    DynaVox EyeMax System

    I have a "new in box" complete system which includes the Dynavox VMax and the EyeMax System. Plus a rolling mount that is used to mount the screen. Includes Dynavox Series 5 software for the DynaVox VMax and DynaVox Series 5 EyeMax system, Mini Keyboard, Mouse, Power Supplies and User Manuals...
  7. L

    Need Dynavox EyeMax

    Does anyone have a Dynavox EyeMax for sale that is in good condition?
  8. B

    Dynavox Eyemax with extras

    Hello, this was my dad's computer, and he only used it for a month or so. Up to that point he had been using a loaner from the ALS Forbes Norris foundation, and they had demonstrated that it improved his life, so we bought one. Unfortunately, my dad didn't last too long after that, but in any...
  9. A

    Dynavox Eyemax

    Hello! My father was diagnosed back in 2006 and since then he has been fighting an amazing battle against this disease. Unfortunately, now a day his movements have been limited to his eyes. I read about dynavox eyemax in other threads and became very interested. However, we have tried numerous...
  10. boblandstar1

    Dynavox Eyemax

    Just received the new Dynavox Eyemax . What a fantastic device! The eye tracker is unbelievable. It is very accurate, fast and easy to set up and calibrate. Features: Fully customizable. Compatable with win XP and Mac. Many voices to choose from. Operates on eyeblink,touch...