1. T

    Pain with ALS ?

    Just a question that im not sure has been defined -- or has it? is there pain associated with ALS ? early on in the disease as the muscles die and the other muscles try to make up for the ones that are dying? Later on in the disease as muscles cramp etc..? or does it depend on where it starts...
  2. Poet Chistopher Robin

    update from chris the poet

    I am terminally ill and dying I have COPD meaning my lungs are gone, also MND motor neurone disease which is killing me daily plus, a small cancer growth in my left back plus a right front hernia plus a broken right foot After celebrating 35 years of marriage two weeks ago my wife has thrown me...
  3. J

    My mom, my best friend, has ALS...

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this, but I have been looking for a way to discuss how I feel with people that I know understand what its like to have a family member who is suffering from ALS. My mom has been fighting ALS for about 5 years now. She is at the point now where she has absolutely no...
  4. Poet Chistopher Robin

    Peg fitted last week

    The peg feed op went ahead no problem took all of just five minutes, no sore throat, although a week later and it’s still weeping as still also very sore too, Currently I take only my meds and energy boosts down it, but with just my left hand it is impossible for me to do alone The ALS stepped...
  5. L

    27 yr old with ALS

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel and I was diagnose with ALS in Feb. of 2012. The doctors told me I've it for 1.5 years before I found out. Now, I hae two little girls that are 5 and 6. I dont know how to tell them that I'm dying. Please help me with this...
  6. lovedbygoldens

    How much does it take

    before I can't handle this any longer? My mother is dying from an incurrable disease and my marriage is crumbling and in shambles. Anything else want to fall apart now, too? When is enough enough and our cross to bear become to heavy?