1. M

    Afraid of dying / existential stuff

    Hi. Lately (few months) I have been feeling depressed and anxious. I am afraid of dying. Not the dying itself, but the existential questions around it. Was my life useful? Have I been inspirational, funny, social, intelligent...good enough? Will the not forget me? I keep getting stressed...
  2. NothingButLove

    Happy Father's Day

    My grandma died last week. She was 103 on June 3rd. I can't go to the funeral because my wife, 59, is dying by VSED. She got up in the morning and wished me happy father's day. She took some morphine and lorazepam. After an hour, she took an ambien and went back to bed. She got up later in the...
  3. L

    Today was a good day

    I feel as though I have started coming to terms with the loss of my beautiful Mother. Doing the ALS walk for Mothers Day meant so much to me. I was very emotional all day but it helped to be surrounded by people who understood. One of the the hardest parts of being the sole caregiver to my mom...
  4. B

    Angela- Billard's wife

    Good evening all, Thank you all for the words of encouragement and comfort. Sunday morning at 230 am my Sweet Angela gained her wings. It was very hard letting her go but very comforting knowing she is now disease free and rejoicing in Heaven. I asked her 2 weeks ago to give me a sign that she...
  5. H

    I need support

    I need support and I dont know who else to turn too. I realize we all have our path we need to walk alone and I know you all have been diagnosed with ALS but I really dont know who else to turn to in this time as no one understands as they only see me as a person who is not dying at the moment...
  6. J


    I had an EMG test done in 2016 when I developed foot drop and was tripping and occasionally falling. The neurologist didn’t have any concern at that time. He said I had some arthritis. I saw a neurosurgeon and decided to do surgery for foot drop on my L5 section, discectomy she called it...
  7. pdcraig

    What now?

    Just rambling. Today was 3 weeks since Ferd died. I've been trying to get the thank you cards done and have been in tears all weekend. I got the online stuff finished but the cards are still waiting, Not sure what it is about them that is so hard but... Getting his things together and doing the...
  8. L

    My Dad Died April 9th

    It has been such a busy time and I hadn't had a chance to post earlier. He was diagnosed 3/23/2017 and progressed rapidly. By May 2017 he was on AVAPS, July 25th he got a feeding tube and by December he had pneumonia and after being intubated for a couple of weeks went home on the Trilogy. He...
  9. K

    Fasciculations and the Microbiome

    Long time appreciator of the resources of forums like this that provide means to help reduce the stress of new and foreign symptoms. 30 y/o male with no family history of ALS. Pre August 2017: I may have had a twitch here or there that never bothered me. I remember at least in May of 2017 a...
  10. Clearwater AL

    Bedside manner

    This lady never had surgery before and she was very nervous... “This is a rather simple procedure" the anesthesiologist reassured her, she felt better until … “Heck,” he continued, “you have a better chance of dying from the anesthesia than the surgery itself.”