1. KarenNWendyn

    Doctor - patient jokes

    Patient: Doctor, what should I do if my temperature goes up a point or more? Doctor: Sell! Patient: Doctor, you've gotta help me. I eat apples, apples later come out into the toilet. I eat bananas, bananas come out. Doctor: That's easy. Eat shit. Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I broke my arm in...
  2. I

    Drugs and PT for PBP?

    I was diagnosed with PBP a year ago this week. I frequently check in and read most of the posts for the day. It just dawned on my husband and I that none of the four neurologists I have seen have mentioned physical therapy or drugs that might delay the progression of this beast. Until about...
  3. Doglady

    HERV-K suppression study

    Wondering what others may think of the idea of Human Retro Viruses being thought to be a cause of ALS and use of HIV drugs to treat PALS? Info on the study: https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Clinical-Trials/HERV-K-Suppression-Using-Antiretroviral-Therapy-Volunteers-Amyotrophic The clinical...
  4. P

    Clear EMG "always" shows no ALS?

    Hi there. I'm 27 years old, female an environmental engineer. On September, i had weakness on my left arm and then twitches under my foot. Neuro ordered an EMG test, i had EMG on november 9th. Results was clear, i started psychological therapy but i hadn't use drugs, i take only the therapy...
  5. T

    Just found out - please help.

    My husband is in his late 40s. We were told yesterday by our regional ALS specialist that he has ALS. I am in shock and devastated. They started him on drugs already and we are getting him a second option in Boston soon. Hopefully next week. I need help putting the next few weeks together. We...
  6. S

    Rough time, symptomatic and looking for some help.

    *after writing this, I see I am just regergitating all the symptoms I have been having and it lead to a long post. My intention is to let you know what ALL is going on when we all know there is probably just specific symptoms that I am focusing on for this forum.* Thanks for reading this long...
  7. wmilo

    Struggling with SSRI side effects

    This may be slightly off-topic and if so, please bear with me. It is a result of my diagnosis/symptoms, and I don't know of a more knowledgeable or supportive community to ask: I was diagnosed about 13 months ago, with lower extremity onset. I can still walk with difficulty, but see progressing...
  8. lgelb

    Medicare Advantage changes

    Since Medicare open enrollment is happening through December 7, just a quick note on some 2019 changes that could affect your decisions. It is always worth looking at what you have vs. the competition every year. Not all counties have MA plans available if you are <65 or at all, but many do...
  9. N

    Questions about two drugs -

    I read about Requip and it seemed like a good gamble so I got my PCP to write me a script for it. I really wanted to get Ibudilast. I am not a chemist, but it seems that Requip (C16H24N2O) and would also act similar to ibudilast (C14H18N2O). What opinions does anyone have?
  10. L


    Hello everyone I have some questions and a info about my symptoms. I started having fasicutaltions all over my body about a month ago, three weeks after a gum infection i took amoxicillin for. Didnt pay much attention to them it at all. They have not gone away so I've started to worry about...