drug therapies

  1. Sequoia

    We need 2 volunteers from every state!

    We need an active PALS or CALS for every state to join us in the effort to get compassionate early access to new drug therapies for every PALS. Then we can form a network of activist volunteers who will see this dream into reality. ALS Treat-Us-Now! is recruiting one volunteer, and one...
  2. David

    Clinical study of Ceftriaxone

    Bobbi Greenberg of the ALS Society of Canada asked that we pass along the following information. Should any of you take the time to attend this online information session regarding the Ceftriaxone for ALS clinical trial please be sure to post your thoughts and commentary A clinical study of...
  3. S

    Curious To Know

    Why is it that certain people have a slow progression with ALS? Have any studies gone into this and came up with any clues ?There are so many unanswered questions related to this disease, it's baffling. Couldn't they find some sort of connection between the people who live longer with the...
  4. J

    New and have some questions about drug therapies

    Hello all! I'm new here and I'm in the process of being DXed. I want to thank you all for sharing so freely on here..for people new to the process, it brings great comfort as well as a wealth of knowledge. My appointment with the MND/ALS Center at the U of U is over a month away. I can't...