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  1. J

    Depressed and Terrified I have ALS

    Hi All, I first want to thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns as well as my apologies for any inconveniences. To start, my symptoms began a year a ago with some twitching on my stomach. I did a quick google search and Lou Gehrig's Disease came up. At first, I quickly brushed it...
  2. T

    Sinking - got a lifeline?

    Hi everyone. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I’ve only been a registered user for less than 24 hours but am really impressed with the empathy and knowledge of posters and moderators. What a fantastic resource. I am on this site to not only utilize the nuts and bolts of...
  3. KarenNWendyn

    Adventures in van parking, part 2

    Perhaps this is a tale of poetic justice. You can decide. So as a followup to a previous thread .... Today I’m out for a haircut, still able to drive the van myself and transfer into the pwc, enjoying...
  4. Bestfriends14

    Driving with double drop foot?

    Hello, I would like my husband to have his independence for as long as he can, however, he has double drop foot but wants to still drive. His right foot (gas and brakefoot) cannot go back on its heel and cannot go on its toes. He can still push with his right foot, but not as strong as before...
  5. Clearwater AL

    The beach bar...

    Just something to read… in the “After 5 Forum Pub”. It took me a few days to put this together. My writing skills aren’t what they used to be. After Spring Break and for the rest of the year our beach bar often reminded me of a Chameleon. It was a side gig I got involved with. From opening...
  6. M

    Parent with C9 ALS

    Hi, My mom recently got diagnosed with ALS and tested positive for the C9 gene. I am going to get tested soon- I am pregnant and due in a couple of months now. But I just need to know either way. I am driving myself crazy thinking that everything is the start of ALS, but I know I am stressed...
  7. T

    Sleeping all the time...early stages

    Hello: My husband was diagnosed this past Dec. He has limb (legs and arms) onset. He is still working and driving. But...he sleeps a lot. Like almost all the time when he is not at work. I'm just trying to be patient with it and I know extreme fatigue is part of this awful disease. I...
  8. L


    Hello everyone. I have been driving myself crazy the last few weeks. It seems like over the last couple months I was experiencing some pain in my right knee. Not all the time, nothing major. Fast forward til about 2 weeks ago. I started having some rib pain on my left side, then knee pain on my...
  9. P

    Worried sick about my son in law could this be als

    Hi im just looking for some advise , My son in law is 26 was very fit caring for severely disabled ppl for the last 7 years. About a year ago he started feeling vibrations in his legs but was still getting around. Over the last couple of months it has become where he isnt managing to stand...
  10. Kristina1

    wheelchair van & urban driving

    We recently purchased a wheelchair van. It is a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter in good condition. When we are driving on the freeway or smooth suburban streets it's great. But when we drive in the city or any roads that are uneven or have small cracks/bumps I get tossed around like a rag doll in my...

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