1. Tomswife

    PALS medical pole going to Ghana

    I have donated many of my PALS equipment or returned to DME provider. His shower sliding bench went to a man who paid me, and the donation will go to ALSA. I could not find anyone to take the medical pole and third hand. But a local huge collection of misc items was headed to Ghana. They...
  2. A

    brain donation for research

    my plan was to donate brain and spinal cord for research. However, it seems the Az research facility, barrow neurological, is no longer taking donations directly. does anyone else plan to donate, and if so, where? how?
  3. F

    Facts and figures on ALS costs

    Hi I'm running a fundraising event for the ALS Association but I'm having difficulty in finding details of how donations are spent. I know from past projects that number are an extremely persuasive tool. Something like: $10 will pay for... $20 would cover... It could be treatment, it could...
  4. J

    Peace, Prayers, and Blessings to you all.

    It’s been a while since I’ve first posted here a couple months ago. Just an update, but my ALS fears have pretty much subsided. I do get the occasional twitches here and there but I’m pretty much back to my old self. This experience has taught me so much, and you all are such incredible...
  5. A

    Aussies Raise $4.5mil for MND

    We had the annual Big freeze at the G yesterday before an AFL match. The federal government matched the donations 1 for 1 & we raised $4.5mil in a day! No Cookies | Herald Sun The Fight MND charity has now raised $20mil over 3 years & funded 8 new research projects in Australia. Can't wait to...
  6. H

    Twitching/Atrophy Doesn't Always Mean ALS

    Hi! Been a while since I've posted here, but I have a story that many people can relate to when it comes to panicking/getting anxiety towards ALS due to symptoms. For me, it all started back in October 2014. I noticed some twitching in my right arm, looked on the internet and automatically...
  7. S

    Small Town Hope

    I have spoken many times of what a wonderful man my PALS is. Today our small town came together to in support of my PALS. Here is the story that was written by one of his friends that writes for the local newspaper. The young people who were serving were a wonderful show of humanity as was all...
  8. H

    Wake Forest University ALS RESEARCH

    Hey members this is very promising. Myself and another ALS Patient were fortunate to meet with the scientist and doctors regarding their ALS research. They need to take this to the next level. We are working to help raise the funds to do just that. Translational Science Unit - ALS Center -...
  9. gooseberry


    Locally the als association will accept most dme items for donation. However it is a 2 to 3 week timeframe to get a call to set up an appointment. The salvation army also accepts dme.
  10. Nikki J


    Today I saw a billboard that said " help us cure ALS". I don't think that would have happened a year ago. There was a website for donations but I could not read it in time to see what organization. It was on the main road that connects my small town with our larger neighbor so it gets a lot of...