1. Wings

    EMG Testing Protocol for MND/ALS

    I came across this amazing PDF document by neurologists for neurologists online - im sure i saved the link to a folder and still trying to find it - my point is that there is a very specific group of muscles to test -way of going about it when outruling or diagnosing ALS - the documents...
  2. M

    Dynavox V For Sale

    I have a Blue, like Brand New Condition, touch Screen Dynavox V Series, 256MB Ram, 40 Gig, Speech Device. for sale. purchased Feb 2011 for my son. The original price was 7,790, plus another $1,000 for software, carrying case, keyboard and upgrades. Asking 2,600. I am selling this device at a...
  3. B

    Feeding Tube

    This is a great info regarding the PEG, written by a pALS. I came across it as I was looking for something for a cALS:'re-Telling-You-to-Get-a-Feeding-Tube-by-Colin-Portnuff.pdf
  4. rcharlton

    A lasting impression

    A number of years ago when I was still working, I was acting for a friend of a friend of mine (we will call him Bill) in connection with a home purchase. We had an appointment to meet at my office the evening before closing. Bill gave me a call advising that he was running late. I knew...
  5. K

    Right to Die

    My mom passed away of ALS last June. She hung on for over six years and was laughing and singing right up to the day before she left us. Although she left us naturally she was an intensive care nurse and was not shy about discussing the issue of death - demanding that she have a DNR (do not...
  6. K

    Now what do I do?

    I have been diagnosed with ALS. The initial shock is nearing and now the thoughts of what do I need to do now come into play. I need help from caregivers and PALS. once you found out the your own diagnoses, or of your friend/family/spouse what steps you had to take next...or maybe a website that...
  7. Al

    Stem Cell Info This link takes you through the maze of stem cells. It shows who the bad guys are and I don't like some of the ones that they say are good. That's their opinion and I have mine. AL.
  8. K

    Dynavox V Series 5 For Sale $2,000

    I would love to see this go to a family who truly needs it but cannot afford to buy one new. This is in like new condition and valued at over $7,000.00. Can be used via mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. There are hundreds of page options and the tabs within each page may vary from large view to...
  9. M

    USED: Words+, Inc. Freedom Lite Convertible Tablet & Software

    This package was purchased May of 2009. It was used until February of 2010. It was used by my father that had A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's Disease) for communicating. It allows the user to communicate with their eyes or by touch. Original price was $8295+ USD. ASKING $4000 OBO + Shipping. **This...
  10. shelleynshaggy

    Back from the FTD Conference

    This past week Jim's Aunt Mary and I attended the 7th International Conference on FTD in Indianapolis, IN. Though the actual caregiver portion of the conference was only one day - it kept my whole week full! To start at square one: Monday was probably the worst day Jim had yet. He was just very...
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