1. D

    Research update MND Australia
  2. P

    Tobii I-15 Computer w/ Eye Gaze Technology

    This was my mother-in-law's computer, brand new spring 2014. She only used it a handful of times. It is a Tobii I-15 with Windows and EyeGaze communication software that speaks for the patient. Includes a library of common phrases and subjects that makes simple communication quick and easy...
  3. tripete


    I have been thinking a lot about different things I need to get done while I can. Obviously a will is needed. What other documents should I get done and if a lawyer is not needed where would I find them? thanks, peter
  4. G

    Ftd/als expertise, please!

    This post is for those who have experienced (or are currently experiencing) caring for someone with FTD/ALS. I am hoping to maybe gain some insight and direction from those of you who have been down this road before. I'll give you a quick rundown of our situation: After exhibiting...
  5. D

    First ALS Support Group

    I attended my first meeting yesterday. In my area, they meet once a month. For the session they had a law firm come and speak about estate planning. He stressed the importance of not doing an internet will, or power of attorney. Of course all of our documents are the internet type. Is this...
  6. P

    PLS and VA Disability #2......

    I need help and know you folks are the ones to ask... Because my original claim was denied over a year ago PVA has indicated I should file to reopen the claim based on the "PLS is a variant of ALS" I need any supporting documents I can get. I have the St. Pete approval and medical reference...
  7. sadiemae

    Good article're-Telling-You-to-Get-a-Feeding-Tube-by-Colin-Portnuff.pdf
  8. T

    (2) Brand New Dynavox Vmax+ With Eyemax

    I have 2 Dynavox Vmax+ With Eyemax one is brand new, never opened the other is very lightly used. These were purchased in 2011 for over $15,000 each. I am asking $10,000 for each or best offer--I am very willing to negotiate! Both include all original documents, accessories, and software. I...
  9. W

    Hello everybody

    Hi guys. I'd just like to start with saying that I have read through the stickies, and completely understand your frustrations and commend you all for offering people like me sage reassurance whilst your experiencing such a difficult time. I'd also like to state that I do not claim to have ALS...
  10. jellis86

    Need help from a veterans beneifit expert

    I have read on here from a few vets that are getting disability and for the most part it sounds like things went very smooth for them. However, here is my conundrum! I submitted all documentation needed to the Milwaukee VA Medical Center and received a letter from them stating "We need...