1. D

    Finally GOOD NEWS!

    Thank you for all of your support. You all will never know how much your support has helped me. Now onto the good part. She was served with divorce papers yesterday afternoon by the county sheriff, dropped a few F bombs on him and left. I have temporary custody of the boys, pending a family...
  2. R

    Please help. Twitching as the first sign.

    I hope you can help me. Back in the late summer I developed a twitch on the left side of my left calve. When it started it had a rhythm to it. It wasn't constantly there. It last a month. They my left eyelid twitch for another couple of weeks followed by my right temple. Sometime in...
  3. B

    Hey All, Baby is here, Me well?!

    Hi there, I see everyone is still kicking and chatting it up here. I as well when I thought I was in impending doom. I am sure you all recall my story. I will refresh. Don't worry I will make it short..... 31 months ago I had widespread random twitching- it went away- UNFORTUNATELY it came...
  4. N

    3 Months of Strange Symptoms

    Hello, this is my first post. I am a 26 yo male, law student, and over the past 3 or so months I have gone through an extremely stressful period with respect to my health. I will admit I am worried about ALS, as well as many other neurological conditions, and will also admit to being a slight...
  5. N

    Social Security Disability

    My wife, 46, was diagnosed with ALS 2 yrs ago. She has not worked outside the home enough to qualify for social security disability. Are there other options with social security? We most likely have to many "assets" to qualify. She has spoken of getting a divorce so that we do not loose what...
  6. Lorie

    To my PALS and CALS Friends

    Those of you that we have made a personal relationship via E-Mail. (you know who you are) I haven't forgotten about you. I have had a rough week. I bought me a Personal Organizer today to keep up with you all. I am getting a lot of E-Maills from my friends. I don't want to have to depend on my...
  7. Lorie

    My Heart is Sick

    Today I went to help with Tim. He was having problems breathing and I found the CPAP Co. didn't come to fix his machine three weeks ago when I called them. My Family didn't tell me. (he may have to go to the hospital). The phone # is on the machine. I called while I was there and they got it...
  8. O


    My wife has ALS and dementia. Her daughter got a temp. guardianship and removed her from our home a month and a half ago. Now the guardianship hearing's been posponed another 2 months. She keeps me from seeing my wife, she's convinced the family I'm only interested in money, and she's told my...
  9. Y


    About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my left hand seemed kind of shaky. I have been dieting and not eating very much and attributed it to that. Then the shaking which was slight seemed to get worse, my fingers would shake more when I tried to use them and it felt like they were twitchy. This will...
  10. B

    Dad needs to move in

    Hi, this is my first post. My dad, an avid runner/ex-triathelete, was diagnosed in 2004 with ALS. This week after months of being unhappy in his current situation with his wife who is a nurse - he asked my sister and I to help him get a divorce. He thinks he can stay in his home which they...
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