1. ruthiep

    And ....so we laugh!

    So my hubby and I are trying to find some way to deal with this obnoxious disease...for us (at least for a small part), it is humor! Darn, after 25+ years of marriage, I'm not real sure how to go forward! Long time ago, we used to joke about divorce and who "didn't" want custody of our rotten...
  2. Pandora

    venting...... again.

    I have had the worst week. Things have been very trying. The lack of sleep has been nipping on my heels, the family has been less then helpful (as always), the bills keep rolling in, the laundry mound is bigger then ever, the grass is brown and about knee high, and my hubby is going down hill...
  3. D

    Good to be back!

    Hi everyone! It's been a little over a year since I've been on here. First let me welcome all of the new members that have joined in the last year, and to the old members, it's good to be back! A lot has changed over the last year or so, but unfortunately, my divorce is not yet final, my...
  4. M

    how do you keep going?

    Hello everyone, I signed up here after my husband was diagnosed in March of 09 but I have never posted before. He is 32 and can only move his head a little and can blink, smile and mouth some words. He uses a dynavox to communicate. He spends most of his time in bed because his power chair is...
  5. twinmommie72

    Myasthenia Gravis/ALS

    Hi there... I've been in a whirlwind of docs/testing since May and wanted to see if someone could shed some light on a few things. I began with slurring words back in feb/march this year and saw a Neuro that said it was merely stress from a horrible divorce I was going through. Saw another Neuro...
  6. C

    als plus more

    im 55 year old female confined to a wheelchair n cant speak, divorce with a 20yr old son. my husband was having an affair while i started having symptoms. at the time he filed for divorce the doctors didnt know what i had. i was awarded spousal support for life. that is all the income i have. my...
  7. S

    Step Mother ready to put the smack down on step kids

    I pray to the Lord to help me each and everyday. I have three step children, ages 25, 23, 17. My husband, their father was diagnosed with ALS in October of 2008. Things are getting rather hectic around here. My 18 yr old son who is mentally challenged and myself are my husbands sole...
  8. C

    help i have had it

    i need help. cant take it anymore. why me. what have i done to deserve this. ALS, divorce, my sons anger, loosing my caretaker. i just cant handle it. my son who is taking care of me woke up sick and i hate not being able to help him. i just want to die.
  9. indigosd

    My DAUGHTER is having a baby

    :smile::smile: BOY! They moved her due date up from 14 May to 9 May. I was so convinced that this little soul was a GIRL! Jennifer called me and said, "Momma, it is a baby girl that now has a penis!" ROTFLMBO so much for Momma intuition lolol I am still holding out for CURLY RED HAIR...
  10. D

    An update from Punxsutawney

    Oh boy, I have been away from here for so long, I am not quite sure where to even begin. First let me say that I am sorry for not being around the last couple of months. The kids are flourishing out here with my mum, like 2 totally different kids from several months ago and me. They are playing...