1. K

    Optimal living situation- financially, emotionally, spiritually etc

    My pALS is my mom. She is newly diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. As of now her mobility is not impacted too much, just her speech, swallowing and breathing. We have been discussing living arrangements as her mobility and breathing decline. Other pALS out there, what did you decide? Did you...
  2. U

    What is going on with me?

    Ok back in november 2015 I inhaled coolant at work and instantly got a pain on the back of my neck and felt like I was going to puke for like 12 hours. Few months later something happened with my brain causing my perception to change and my memory got impaired and my personality slightly...
  3. T

    Worried about the future

    Hi, yes I was doing better. Now, I’m so worried about the financial security of our family. Before this, we had a plan for retirement, college, etc. My husband earns almost twice what I make. How are we going to survive when he can’t work? And, how will we make it once he is gone? He has life...
  4. Nuts

    Never thought I'd be here...

    FTD was my greatest fear early on. Then I thought we'd escaped it. Now...not so sure. Memory loss...cognitive impairment (slow processing)_ and now full blow hallucinations and bad behavior. I've been told at least once to find someplace else to live. Im not taking the mean remarks...
  5. D

    Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam for an increase SMC payment

    Veterans with ALS need to know that in order to get their special monthly compensation (SMC) increased as their condition worsens they will need to get a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) filled out by a doctor of your choice or submit for a C&P exam arranged by the VA. My recent...
  6. L

    Panicking...how do I do this?

    Hello I am new here so Im grateful to anyone who takes the time to respond. I am not yet a caregiver but will be here soon. My mom has ALS or PLS the doctors cant seem to decide. It is progressing wildly. She is in a wheelchair, has lost fine motor control in her hands and is having trouble...
  7. T

    Question about life if a cure is ever found.

    It's been a while since I have checked in. Life for my son and myself, as caregivers, is almost unbearable. My PALS is totally paralyzed from neck down. He has a feeding tube and is on a ventilator. He seems a little more depressed lately. Still doesn't sleep well at night so my son and I...
  8. S

    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    My dad recently passed after a 2 year battle with ALS. I was his only relative, so by default became a caretaker. I spent hundreds of hours on VA benefits and my Dad's wish was for me to help others. I found PVA and DAV in my area to be of very limited help. They basically got me started and...
  9. 1

    VA Compensation for ALS

    Before I ask my question I will give a little background info on my situation. I was injured in the military and have two discs pushing on nerves which causes extreme pain down to left foot. The VA wants to do disc replacement surgery but I have been holding off as long as possible. I was...
  10. M

    Veterans with PLS VA disability

    There are some closed threads on this subject but I am new and need some help. I was recently diagnosed with PLS and am a veteran. I have submitted two letters form neurologists stating that PLS is a variant of ALS. I tried twice to get the VA to grant me disability but they keep denying it...

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