1. S

    Possible ALS?

    I have debated posting bc I am scared of the response I might get. I have convinced myself I have als. Background: For years (since 2015ish) I have had a tremor and occasional trigger finger/thumb, in right hand. In 2019 I went to a neurologist & he did a nerve test and emg, it had an abnormal...
  2. C

    Another DIHALS - Sorry friends.

    Hello all, my name is Christian and im 27 years of age. First of all i want to tell you all im a little embarrased to come here without any diagnosis and "annoy" all of you good hearted people with another of these threads which i can tell you've seen plenty of. With that said im also kinda...
  3. L


    Hello all. I've had a few of what I believe could be ALS-like symptoms. I was wondering what others might think. I've had muscle twitches for what I believe to be 4 months now. It started off in just my arms and calves, but after a while they seemed to spread to other parts of my body, such as...
  4. G

    Can B12 deficiency cause all these symptoms/signs?

    Hi, I'm a realtively old member of the DIHALS forum, so I'll try to be as straightforward as possible to recap the basics: My father passed away from PBP at the of 56. No other family member had MND, and he encountered both head trauma and large amounts of diesel exhaust. I've had widespread...
  5. M

    Bulbar als?

    Reading through this forum I do feel a bit silly posting this, but thank you for anyone taking out any time to respond, it means more than you know. For about a month and a half I've been having issues swallowing. I swallow, and the food stops like partway down my throat, or at least some of it...
  6. 1

    Bulbar related question..

    First, thank you to everyone here who has battled this. All of us who come here in the DIHALS section with fear, you guys are always willingn to lend your opinions and expertise. So, thank you. I’m a long time twitcher. 2+ years now. With every other perceived symptom under the sun. Heavy...
  7. Clearwater AL

    Apparently it works... somewhat.

    I was sitting just staring at the DIHALS page and I happened to look up at the very top right of the page and it struck me. The first two Stickies (they used to be called that but now are "Important") apparently work... somewhat except for a few fortunately. "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING...
  8. affected


    Would it be worth changing the title of the 3 sticky threads in DIHALS and put the word STICKY at the beginning of the title of each?
  9. Nikki J

    Unwanted messages

    Please remember that you can use the report button if you receive unwanted visitor messages or private messages. It is helpful if you do so as the moderators can and will intervene if there is a pattern. Be aware that sometimes the person is messaging multiple members so it is helping others...
  10. KarenNWendyn

    DIHALS sitcom

    What is the favorite TV sitcom of people who post repeatedly on the DIHALS sub-forum? Answer: “Betwitched”