1. M

    Do I have ALS

    Hello, people!!! I'm so sorry for bothering you all and taking your precious time.. One day(it's became my dream lately..) I want to discover a cure for this awful, terrible disease... I'm a tall(1.85 m), white, 14 year old boy living in Europe. Recently I've noticed muscle twitches mainly in...
  2. Nikki J

    Forums we used to recommend to DIHALS

    They are all pretty much unavailable. Bfsrecovery is just gone apparently. It has been down for a number of weeks that I know of. Aboutbfs.com has not been able to accept new members for a long time. It is still there so old threads can be reviewed and longtime members can still post. I...
  3. ShiftKicker


    Hello- Usually I just do a key word search for my questions and find the answers I need. However, I've noticed, when I look for reference to specific drugs (Ritalin, Wellbutrin), I get an error 403 code when trying to access historical posts that come up in the search results. I can see the...
  4. Nikki J

    This looks like good news for DIHALS

    Google Will Make Health Searches Less Scary With Fact-Checked Results | WIRED I just tried googling twitching and body twitching and ALS did not pop up