1. Nikki J

    Digital home

    From your als guide
  2. bkite

    Tribute to a Caregiver

    A wonderful, triumphant, inspiring story. She reminds me of the angel who married me 40 years ago. Except as portrayed in the movie, she's doesn't smile, tease and make us laugh like my sweetheart. [link to the movie "Breathe"]
  3. swalker

    Slide Scanning Robot Project

    I have been a passionate photographer for over 40 years. Like many photographers from the film era, I have many thousands of slides stored in Kodak carousels. For a couple of decades now I have been thinking about and researching various ways to scan these slides so I can share them with the...
  4. K

    Room/Baby monitor

    hello, This came up during our support group meeting last week - using a baby monitor to allow my care giver (my wife) to go outside and do some gardening or light yard work. A Google search for monitors for disabled people seemed to recommend the VTech DM221-2 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby...
  5. R

    Important new book - Personal Trials by Jef Akst

    Personal Trials: How Terminally Ill ALS Patients Took Medical Treatment Into Their Own Hands an ebook I read it last night. It's beautifully written. It enlightens us about people, about science, about broken drug development processes, about ALS and families, ... I think it's an important...
  6. Grace89

    Prescription Savings

    Just sharing.. I downloaded the app and I'm going to pick up my meds today. My Neurontin was running me $90 a month and this app says $11.47. I have prepaid on the app and I'm to show the digital card to the pharmacy and have them use this information instead of my medical insurance. I also...
  7. O

    Research- recording memories and messages for children

    Hello everybody, My name is Olly and I’m currently a PhD Researcher at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire (UK). I have a specific research interest in young people who help care for family members who have ALS, and also those young people who are bereaved due to the disease. I have...
  8. M

    Terminating paid subscription?

    Cheers. I bought a subscription for 1 month. My profile webpage showed that the subscription was not recurring (no asterisk). And yet I just got dinged for another monthly payment. Any idea how to stop the recurring charges? Getting refunded would also be nice. I have typed a message into the...
  9. D

    Wow Surgically implanted system translates thoughts into text at a rate of six words

    ALS patients type six words per minute using experimental brain-controlled cursor | Digital Trends
  10. O

    Creating a digital legacy - video messages for children

    Hello everyone, I'm a PhD researcher from the UK looking at the use of digital legacies with people living with ALS, and how the legacy is used by children in their family. Although there are lots of different types of digital legacy, I'm focusing on a purposefully recorded video-based legacy...