1. P

    old age and als

    if there is a law in nature that x number of people must be diagnosed with als i am glad it was me an not another young person with small children (that always brings a tear) my wife of 55 years and i have been truely blessed. children grown and secure in their careers. two good and rewarding...
  2. ccjjcc

    Trach and eating

    Hi, I was going to ask a question about eating on a vent. My brother got his trach almost 3 months ago and the feeding tube with it. He has been tested several times and been given the go ahead to have liquids, and a mechanical soft diet. He's had breakfasts for about a week. Now, he is...
  3. A

    Signs appear consistent with juvenile ALS, but very strange sensory symptoms as well?

    Hello, I'm Alastor, 18 and new here. :) I think I should just let you guys know beforehand: I am not the average Google monkey who is a hypochondriac and is also terrified of various occult illnesses due to nonspecific symptoms(i.e, fascics all over body, no weakness, twitching), although I do...
  4. P

    reluctance to post?

    found this site two weeks ago. reading lots and lots of posting have really learned a lot. how do rookies know what has been posted in the past? after posting "eric is winning on the hope site i feel i was trashed or violated something that had already been posted. had no idea about the...
  5. P

    meridain testing

    has anyone tried meridian testing ( local herbalist test pals free get one every three months and use results for diet supplements to keep body healthy. know this won't stop or reverse als but may slow progression if not i still feel good
  6. C

    Could this be ALS?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and would like to post a list of symptoms that I've experienced recently. Thanks to anyone in advance who could help shed some light on this :) Okay, in the last 3 months I've had a wide range of sensory and seemingly neurological symptoms. This list is...
  7. L

    New appt

    It has been a while since I have posted here, but Janet had an appointment today and there have been some changes since the last appointment. Janet's food options are basically down to soup, jello, pudding, oatmeal, and cereal. She said she doesn't want a pureed diet. Those are the main...
  8. M

    Rick's diet

    Rick is a diabetic and has a MND supposed to be ALS...because of his slow progression, we want to think his diet could have something to do with it. He is 63.. has great blood tests except for the CPK, has healed a leg almost lost in an explosion + 8 surgeries as a result, and maintains an A1C...