1. Jhettinger

    VA Equipment Approval NeuRX Diaphram?

    Does anyone know if the VA has approved this device or anything similar. Thanks
  2. M

    Complex Case is ALS?

    Hi all - I've read your stickies on symptoms multiple times over the past several months and have pretty much perused a large amount of threads looking for answers. But, I figured it is time to ask the questions here about whether this is ALS I'm experiencing? Symptoms started with back pain...
  3. dkcarl62

    PLS and intercostal muscles

    Has it been suggested to any of you that your speech difficulties are a result of weak intercostal muscles? Let me back up a bit - the neurologist I saw at last clinic visit isn't convinced a dx of UMND ALS is appropriate for me. He's leaning toward PLS. But then after a speech eval, the SLP...
  4. H

    Please help with question

    Hello, I posted some questions a while back but I continue having issues and I am still concerned. I have been seeing Dr Katzin out of USF, up to now she has completed 2 EMG's each time on only 2 limbs leg and arm. They have been no indications of MND plus on my clinical I have always shown 3+...
  5. S

    What can I do?

    Hello Everyone, Im not sure if this is the correct forum, I hope so. My little sister was diagnosed with ALS almost 3 years ago. It has progressed to the point that she has to use a wheelchair and she keeps falling to her left because her diaphram is so weak. She can barely stand and needs...
  6. Nuts

    DPS Surgery Discontinued at Duke

    We're at Duke for our quarterly clinic appointment and just learned that they've stopped doing the DPS surgery here. Apparently a study out of England showed that people who have the surgery are not living as long as those who don't. They don't know if it's the pacer wearing out the diaphram or...
  7. C

    back and thinking clearly

    Hello, my last post was fueled with post diagnosis anger I guess if you could call it that. I had just been diagnosed with bulbar and respritory involvment by dr Mazziota of UCLA I've since booked my second opinion at the ALS clinic at Sedar Sinai (if that's how you spell it) because still to...
  8. C

    Very bad EMG

    Hey guys, been running from the dreaded ALS for a while now. It seems like it is inevitable at this point. Presented with eye fatigue, breathing difficulty, and weakness in one of each limb. Twitches started in legs at the same time I noticed the llimb weakness. Not much long later, I had...
  9. L

    Questions re ALS

    Hello everyone, I'm a 36 year old male and have been experiencing some weird symptoms lately. Around July or August of last year I started having twitching in my eye lids both right and left. I then noticed random twitching in my biceps and legs. Either the twitching went away or I just did...
  10. Q

    Diaphram Enventration

    I just wanted to know if anyone else started out with breathing difficulty and they found out on a sniff test that you had diaphragm envertration. ( This is what happened to me) But, you were not yet diagnosed. Seeing Pulmonary tomorrow for discussion of the two tests I had last month. I really...