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    BACK WITH UPDATE - 4 months in

    Hello everybody. Thank you in advance to everybody acknowledging my post. I will keep this as short as possible as I’m aware many of you are busy dealing with other people’s queries. I’m back after posting a few months back. Below is a summary of my symptoms. I’m happy to report I took all of...
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    Newly diagnosed

    Hello everyone, After having received a diagnosis of PLS 7 months ago, my doctor changed the diagnosis to ALS 2 weeks ago based on lower motor neuron symptoms. I've been on riluzole for 3 months, and just signed the paperwork to start radicava. My mind is definitely spinning at the moment, so I...
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    Seeking Advice From PALS and/or Recently Diagnosed

    Hello - I have been experiencing neurological symptoms since around January. It started out very sensory in nature but over time, there have been some issues with my left hand/arm that have created some other concerns. Let me state the following because I am looking for insight as to what my...
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    Hello everyone- I want to share the end of my story

    Hello everyone. I have posted here before. I would like to post one final time and share the end of my story in hopes that it will help those who come here in future in a similar situation to mine. This will be long, so please don't feel like you need to read it- I am not seeking help, but just...
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    Recently diagnosed

    I am a 61 year old female diagnosed in May 2018. Not a fan. Most of my issues are with my legs at this point and I am hoping to return to work (working from home though). Been to the ALS clinic here in Toronto and they were really supportive and helpful. Doing physio. Getting a foot brace for my...
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    Mom recently diagnosed

    Hello All, My name is Meaghan, and my mom Nancy was officially diagnosed with ALS in December by the Cleveland Clinic. We've had a scary few weeks, with her going into the hospital May 1 (trouble breathing), and coming out with a trach, Trilogy, and PEG tube (and all that comes with that-...
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    Husband newly diagnosed

    Hello Everyone, we’re having a really rough day today so I decided it’s time for me to reach out. My husband got his first diagnosis 5/21/18 and a second opinion confirmed it 6/14. He started noticing weakness in his arms on one side just after Thanksgiving. It then progressed to the other...
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    Progressing more and more

    Hi all, i've posted a few time and i've got nobody else to turn to for help or guidance. I've tried to go private for further testing instead of thought the NHS, but it's the same neurologist i've seen previously. I've switched GP's now as well. GP says I need to go to a Neuromuscular...
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    Just diagnosed

    Hello I’m 55 years old and I was just diagnosed with ALS, how can you tell how it is progressing?
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    Newly diagnosed

    I was diagnosed by a neurologist about 5 weeks ago after two EMGs and MRIs confirmed his suspicions. I'm not sure how long I've had this as I was in treatment for Lymphoma in 2014 and never fully recovered from Chemotherapy. Now that I have done some research, I think I was passing off some...