1. C

    Suction machine is weak?

    My PALS (bulbar palsy, PEG, no food or drink by mouth) got his Devilbiss suction machine a few months ago, tried it a couple of times and decided spitting was more efficient. He's been spitting/wiping ever since and struggling with thick, pasty phlegm however he can. We had the technician come...
  2. M

    Devilbiss Portable Suction 7305 P-D

    Devilbiss Portable Suction 7305 P-D Like new Purchase price $380.00. Im selling this unit for $100.00. I dont know how to attach pictures here. But PM me for my personal email/info. I do have a PayPal account, which protects both buyer and seller. - High performance capabilities with a...
  3. M

    Emerson Cough Assist CA-3000

    Raraely used and in good condition. Belonged to our son who recently passed. Comes with a box of "cut to fit tubing" (several feet) along with 9 new masks, all with a new filter. Asking $1900 plus shipping. Will deliver for free in the Denver metro area. If not familiar, you will need a...
  4. O

    Homecare Medical equipment (buy everything or separate good prices) - $900 (Granby,ma

    HI we are selling all this equipment is used but is in really good condition.................... Everything together 900.00 obo ...............Pick up only, sorry I will not mail anything...
  5. R

    Need Advice - Reclining Wheelchair with Vent Tray

    Hey Everyone, I am brand new to these boards (but have been lurking for a while and know how helpful everyone here is! :D) and to ALS in general, so please forgive my ignorance. I just recently began helping take care of my uncle. He is completely immobile and has a ventilator and trach. I...
  6. indigosd

    In one Second

    Wednesday morning Web got up and was ready for his coffee. [Should he be drinking..NO!] He is not willing to give it up. He so enjoys that one cup of steaming hot coffee that is mostly cream and sugar. He has a routine of sitting in the sun on the back porch, watching his dog, listening to...