1. Inventor

    Nebulizer and bipap

    I decided to design a chamber that will allow nebulizer to push mist into the ventilator tube. Not yet printed it out.
  2. K

    Ceiling Track Pictures

    Surehands finished the ceiling track installation yesterday and it works great. We had the electrician put an outlet near the ceiling for the charger so we wouldn't have cords hanging down and there is an outlet lower down for the wheelchair to charge. (It is coming end of May). The switch is...
  3. R

    Tobii Dynavox I-15+, Eye Gazer / Computer With Stand and Case for sale

    I am selling computer used by my father. Mint condition, very practical stand and wireless keyboard included. Price negotiable, worldwide shipping. You can send me an email: [email protected] PRODUCT PAGE
  4. Nuts

    2014 Accessible Honda Van

    We have moved on to a larger van, so we are selling the 2014 Honda Odyssey with Braunability conversion. It has a side ramp, tie downs, and two easy locks (driver and passenger seat locations). The two front seats roll out and back in easily. Comes with hand controls (but they have been...
  5. E

    Hello from Edmonton

    Good day everyone, I have joined the ALS society because well it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In grade 8 I wrote a paper on woman who asked for the right to die with dignity as this extremely painful degenerative disease took her life. Her story impacted me on so many levels...
  6. M

    ALS Credibility Prediction Software--Please Share Treatment Experiences

    Dear ALS Patients and Families, It's really wonderful to see a place like this so active with support for each other. Thank you for being here. I'm a computer science student at Oregon State University and for my senior design project, my partners and I are building software that helps...
  7. KimT

    Shower dryer

    Has anyone had one of these installed. How do you like it? We had one in the design for my bath remodel. If it doesn't work better than the drying function of my bidet, I won't bother.
  8. J

    PEG Users Help!

    Hi everyone :smile: I am a student at Loughborough University in the UK studying Product Design and Technology. I am currently working on a project to design a product to allow PEG users to self-administer their formula at home without assistance. To help make the final product as good as...
  9. KimT

    St. Margaret at Mercy Team Gleason House

    I talked to this facility today, explaining that I'm a PALS without a CALS. This might be an option for me when I lose my independence. The State discourages out-of-State residents being admitted if they are on Medicaid BUT if one has assets even to cover one year, residency will be...
  10. W

    Hello from Colorado!

    Hi everybody! I haven't posted too much but I've come to this website many times over the years whenever I wanted to see how other people have dealt with the same issues we've faced. I'm a CALS for a (as of Monday) 45 year-old man who was diagnosed right around this time of year 2011. This...