1. L


    dear all i am not diagnosed with a mnd but with a benign fasciculation syndrom (although i always doubt if it could be als). i have eight mercury-fillings in my mouth, all of which seem to be older, cannot remember when my dentist put them anymore, but certainly more than 10 years. i have found...
  2. D


    Can anyone tell me please if prior to having Bulba:-(r ALS do you feel numbness around the mouth area. In the past two weeks on and off I have felt like I have been to the dentist.
  3. MtPockets

    Care of teeth for ALS patients. Is it important?

    I just found out the hard way which I guess you could is my normal way, that If you neglect your teeth you will regret it. My logic was hey they said I would be dead in 1 more year so why bother going to the dentist when a filling fell out over a year ago. I managed to get along with some pain...
  4. F

    Symptoms by way of Ecstasy?

    Hello All, My name is Fred. I am 28 and am from Fargo ND. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but since I feel it may all be related I think it's important to not disclude anything: I've seen a couple people on this board have mentioned that using the street drug Ecstasy may...
  5. J

    any advice for a dentist visit

    I have a dental check up next week and am a little concerned about it. The last time I went I was almost normal. Now, I have severe drooling, spastic tongue, cant open my mouth much, severe jaw clamping, cant rinse my mouth very well, and gag reflex...not to mention how I am going to get in...
  6. BethU

    Thrush (not an ALS symptom)

    Hi ... I have a new criterium (is that correct? Can't tell my ums from my es's) for judging doctors: Do they relate to the whole patient, no matter what their specialty may be? It was an ENT who put together my slurred speech with my tongue fasics and said "Get thee to a neurologist." My PCP...
  7. C

    insurance question

    I was hoping that maybe somebody out there could tell me what my rights and or options are on the following problem that we are having. 5 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with ALS, the doctors, at that time, gave him 2 years maximum as they said he was progressing rapidly. He immediately...
  8. S

    Tongue and Throat Problems for 1 year

    I have spent a lot of time on these forums reading everyone's situations. I wanted to post something to perhaps some on the users here and to ask for an opinion. In September for 2008 I had a horrible sinus infection (possibly) the pain was so unbearbale that it hurt to talk and I couldn't even...
  9. E

    Need Help

    hello! I just now figured out how to post a new thread or make a post.. I have wanted to so many times, but could not figure it out. I am new, and have only posted once before.. If any of you have any advice, please reply here and my email.. [email protected] and put als in the title...
  10. C

    Update- 31 year old, could this be?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all an update. Here is where I am today- Energy- better, probably by 45% since 1 month ago. (I wanted to start with something pos.) Muscle Twitching- Same, still having it all over body, gets worse when my muscles are relaxed (laying or sitting) Tongue-...
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