1. B

    Don't blame u if you don't respond.

    Good morning , Last time I was here I was so angry at the Drs I was rude. And I apologize for that. I can't figure out if this is my third headed into my 4th winter with an issue that's progressed pretty quick. I have stayed off internet since my meltdown and actually thought I was going...
  2. P

    Dental decay

    Good day my fellow CALS, just wondering if anyone has any experience with tooth decay in their PAL. My husbands gums are receeding a lot, and his breath could knock you over. Considering the amount of meds he is on, extraction is a scary idea, he is completely immobile and getting him to the...
  3. Barbie

    Ideas for Getting Dental Care

    Hey everyone-- I think my husband has a cavity :( (actually a couple that I saw). I want to take care of it--don't want it to become severe . the problem (one of many) is his mouth only opens about an inch and he has lots of saliva and cough/choking and spasticity. Any suggestions? The...
  4. S

    Non verbal pet peeve

    This is one thing about my mom's ALS that really irks me. Not the fact that she is non-verbal but the fact that many health care professionals don't document it. My first irritating encounter was when mom went to the ER last month and then got admitted for 6 days due to pneumonia. Initially in...
  5. T

    Sorry to bother you all but I'm desperate

    I'm truely sorry to bother all you kind folks who have this devastating disease, but I'm desperate.Today my doc kept asking me if I had weakness but honestly even after reading you forum topics I'm stumped. Below is my story although long its is the complete symptom list ,this has been going on...
  6. J

    ALS question involving dental work

    I was on this site a few days ago and read a story about a guy who said he had all the symptoms of ALS went to the Dr. and the Dr. agreed and sent him to a neurologist after going to the neurologist they ran the tests and could not find any other diagnosis the man then said that he told his...
  7. jellis86

    Questions and symptoms, or is that Symptoms and questions?

    First I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone on this forum who take time out to answer concerns about symptoms. I have posted a few times on here but feel that a little backstory is due. About two+ years ago I had this strange feeling that I had forgotten how to swallow food and...
  8. M

    Radiation and motor neuron damage

    I have asked some general question here and there, not just in this site but other web groups, because of a health problem that started the summer of 2008. Without rehashing everything: I have axonal neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, and lately some findings that suggest anterior horn damage...
  9. 3


    I remember when the dentist told you that dentures would fix how you talk. I was a young kid. I thought it would solve everything. It really didn't. I was very confused. Later you went to the doctor and they told you that you had a stroke. That was the reason why you talked funny. As more...
  10. D

    There may be HOPE!

    I didn't want to put this under "Stories of Hope" just yet, but a few weeks ago I looked up cures for ALS and found that acupressure points on the instep of the human feet (massage), called Foot Nerve Therapy in Canada (originating from China) has cured people with ALS. My mom has been getting...
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