1. I

    Concerned 32 year old male looking for support

    Hello to you all, I am a new member to this forum, however I have been reading some topics on here for about a week now seeking answers. You are all so supportive so I thought I would register and tell my story to possibly get some answers and help with my anxiety. My symptoms started about 5...
  2. Green Queen

    Dentist visit

    I've just been to the dentist for the first time since all this began. It was horrible! I couldn't keep my mouth open properly, so he had to hold it open with the little mirror. The prodding of the teeth wasn't so bad. It was the cleaning. Whoa! What was that all about? My whole body kept...
  3. D

    Dysphagia as first symptom ?

    Warning, long story! 32 years old male, apparently,hopefully, in good health! November 2013 all of a sudden I had issues swallowing, felt like my throat was really small and had to chew forever in order not to choke. I went to an ENT and she said I had chronic tonsilitis and to take them out...
  4. B

    Riluzole question

    Recently it takes me a little while to swallow my pills. I've noticed that if the riluzole starts to dissolve it makes my tongue start to feel a little numb, kind of like spraying chloraseptic on it or the stuff the dentist uses to numb before giving a shot of novacane. Any chance I could be...
  5. E

    Need advice on sedation for surgery

    Hello, I am new here but looking for advice. My husband is wheelchair/bed bound and on non invasive life support. He has the potential to remain this way for an unlimited amount of time which is a whole different problem and discussion! but he is in terrible pain with his teeth. The oral...
  6. P

    Not giving up!

    Hi one and all I was just diagnosed with ALS 3 weeks ago. It was a crazy shock to be told that. I first noticed symptoms back in December, I couldn't quit get my fork of food to my mouth. Had no insurance so I went to a clinic and had to get referrals from them to see specialists. First they...
  7. C


    My husband has been diagnosed with ALS in December. Most of the time he is pretty good, but some times he get mad with frustration and yells. I understand but sometimes it hard to be everything. A wife, chef, cleaner, dentist , mom and still have time for me. He doesn't understand that I...
  8. M

    New to ALS Forum

    I'm new to this forum and as you can imagine don't want to be here. I may be one of those Internet type doctors (not a md) who researches and researches then erroneously convinces myself it's ALS. I really hope so. I'm here researching for my wife, who is unaware that her condition may be...
  9. Barbie

    Dental Success!

    My husband had a dentist appointment on Monday. I had noticed two cavities on his front teeth in November--didn't want to tell him because he would have obsessed about it and the whole Idea of going to the dentist in his condition was stressful to me. but i made the appointment, got him...
  10. I

    Probably the same question as asked many time before

    Hi, My wife is experiencing a number of the symptoms associated with ALS. - She has a weak right hand (she finds it difficult to hold tweezers and scissors) - She has difficulty walking as her right foot drops (both do this, but the left doesn't seem to be an issue) - She says she has...
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