1. L

    question about weird sound coming from my sister's throat

    Hi everyone.....just have a couple of questions since I last checked in. My sister's breathing has gotten worse, not only when she's awake, but at rest as well. She is not on any breathing aids at all. It seems to me that since she has been diagnosed, she is not a priority anymore.....we have...
  2. Sequoia

    beginning of slurred speech, what do I need to do?

    Hello pals, I know this is not a new subject around here, but I thought I'd get brave and post my first thread. I am starting to slur certain words, usually at night when I am tired. Friends have begun to notice it so that is helping me come out of denial about it. I have several questions. How...
  3. M

    new here

    im ending my denial today ALSsuspected last december progressed super fast] now bedridden] if there ever was an ALS./LYME poster boy it was me 30 Years old
  4. R

    When will the diagnosis be final?

    My mother has been rapidly diagressing, but still has not been diagnosed with ALS. In the past year she has lost the use of her left arm and it is completely cripple, her right arm has started to become weak, she cannot hold her head up and she is in constant pain because of it, she has muscle...
  5. arkallen

    All in the Mind ...?

    Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. This week a letter arrived from the Neurologist who last month uttered the incongruous phrase, “It’s too soon to know”. Coming on the tail end of a taxing (but exhilarating!) 30 hour sojourn his letter sucked my remaining breath away. The...
  6. arkallen

    Not Easy Being Green

    The tropical surroundings of our Northern Territory building site were lush and verdant, and our activity attracted the interest of a fat, green frog. This guy was enormous. He was stupendous, an amphibian of gargantuan proportion! We were fitting out the kitchen, so we put him on a dinner...
  7. twinmommie72

    coming out of denial

    I tried my best to figure out another diagnosis for what is happening to me and I see there is not any other option. I'm scared...I want to get up and fight like hell, but I just want to hide or sleep. What do I do? Just like all of you, I never thought we would be here. I'm calling all Angels...