1. S

    Proof that widespread twitching is related to ALS

    I recently came across this article and I'm freaking out now: Everything I've read on here says that widespread twitching is not indicative of ALS, but this article states otherwise. The worst part is that I had an emg last year that the neuro...
  2. A

    Age 20, EMG probable ALS ?

    Hey everyone, I am 20 years old, I have alwaya been twtiching mildly across my calves and maybe other parts too, did not pay attention to it. However 8 months ago I started twitching in my tricep, localy, it was a hotspot which lasted on and off 2 months. It vanished after and now I mainly get...
  3. Q

    Worth a follow up?

    37 years old. In May of 2017 I began having fasicularions and my reflexes were described as brisk. My EMG had this snippet: "Increased insertional activity, fibrillation, or positive sharp wave potentials suggestive of active denervation were noted in the bilateral FDI foot muscles in...
  4. C

    Questions about Symptoms/EMG

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and I would appreciate any advice or knowledge you can pass on. I have read the "before you post sticky". So this all started the the 1st week in Dec, I woke up 1 morning and had a persistent twitch in my left thigh. It prob went on 4-5 days...
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    Question About Symptoms/Emg

    This is my 1st post on this site and I want to say I really admire how nice and helpful everyone who responds on this site is. The fact that you take the time out of your days to help people who have questions is really remarkable. I've been looking at posts on this site for a few months and...
  6. W

    @Nikki J

    Sorry to ask but im a worried mother trying to understand this. ive been researching emg studies and if you look on the emg my sons recruitment patterns are all normal and to my understanding in MND or ALS even in early stages they would be abnormal recruitment patterns? Also same with Duration...
  7. M


    Original thread was closed. I just had a clean Brain MRI. I had a 2nd EMG due to pushing for further diagnostics. The EMG Dr. Said I now show signs of irritated nerve root in the lower back. I have increased...
  8. N

    Haven't been here since 2011 and now I am scared. Triggered again.

    So I am back after a brief hospital stay which caused whatever I have to flair up again. It all began in 2011 *******-------Feb 4-5th 2019-----------********* So went back to same neuro with exasperated symptoms after a brief stay in the hospital for severe constipation. After the hospital...
  9. E

    Balance issues

    Hello everybody, I have a question that I felt like couldn't be answered in the Stickies. For about 3 weeks I have had issues where I am walking, and if I do a quick turn on one leg, I stumble a bit. I have gotten out of bed at night to have my legs shake uncontrollably, or I stumble around the...
  10. M

    Likely Not ALS - that's good news!

    2 prior EMGs (Nov & Dec) with neurologist #1 noted chronic denervation, resulting in a "Possible ALS" diagnosis. First EMG (Aug) did not show any issues. Dr #1 was clear that lack of muscle weakness/atrophy after 9 mos of continuous fasciculations and cramping was encouraging. Next EMG in 3...
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