1. 3


    I remember when the dentist told you that dentures would fix how you talk. I was a young kid. I thought it would solve everything. It really didn't. I was very confused. Later you went to the doctor and they told you that you had a stroke. That was the reason why you talked funny. As more...
  2. L

    In limbo....MMN or motor neurone disease...HELP!

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to all this so forgive me if I get any of the terminology wrong. I've been reading your posts for a little while and would really value and advice or support you may have... :) I'm finding things very hard at the moment.... My dad was diagnosed with multifocal...
  3. st123

    Amazing decline

    Our ALS clinic nurse came to visit us before we left the hospital. No good news at all, I'm afraid. She said it's time to just make him comfortable.
  4. J

    Clinic visit

    Tomorrow we have a clinic visit. Due to the FTD and subsequent denial of his condition, I was wondering what questions we need to ask. We have seen quite a decline since his last visit in Feb. Dad has difficulty lifting his head off his chest, his breathing is poor (it was 56% in Feb) and he is...
  5. J

    Swift decline?

    My dad was given the dual ALS/FTD diagnosis in Nov 2011. He has had hunched shoulders for the last couple years prior to his diagnosis however over the last two days he can barely hold his head up. He is bent over and his chin touches his chest. Is it usual for muscles to decline virtually...
  6. H

    life expectancy?

    just got back from our als clinic...just wondering(please dont think i am uninformed or ignorant)but my husband was not prescribed any breathing aides(bipap)..are we safe for a while..he is decling went from 195 to 173 in 3 months and is eating well..its all muscle loss,speech is poor and i know...
  7. T

    The Wicked Step Sister

    My husband has been diagnosed with ALS - this past month. He has both bulbar and limb onset. The bulbar symptoms are the worst...The panic in his eyes when he is choking is just awful. We are trying to do the best we can in coping with the Wicked Step Sister that has moved in and is trying to...
  8. Sequoia

    Shane has died/his note to family,friends

    Our dear friend Shane has died...I am in is his note to family and friends Dear Family and Friends, I am glad to announce that I have been released from my pain and suffering, I have passed away ! Please know that I am happy to be out of that prison. God gave me a wonderful...