1. S

    Has anyone heard about or tried Simplesa?

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS about 1 1/2 years ago and is pretty weak at this point. I do internet searches daily just to see what useful information might pop up. I ran across Simplesa supplements for ALS patients. Says they follow Deanna's protocol. Has anyone tried it or heard anything...
  2. T

    Deanna Protocol

    Anyone tried this or heard anything about? Another bunch of hooey?! :?:
  3. B

    Deannas protocol

    My brother lost his battle this weekend with ALS. He was using Deanna's protocol. A girl named Sam on this forum was giving away her unopened protocol after she lost her boyfriend. I never opened the box and I would like to do the same. I would ask that you cover shipping only. If anyone...
  4. F

    Deanna Protocol

    Hello I have few of the Deanna Protocol supplements that I would like someone to have , you only have to pay for the shipping . They are : 3 bottles of Phosphatidyl Choline 420 mg-physiologics 6 bottles of Alpha Ketaglutaric Acid 300 mg- Kirkman. 2 bottles of Taurine - Douglas Lab 2 bottles...
  5. D

    Question about Deanna Protocol

    Hello Folks: I'm reviewing the PDF for the Deanna Protocol and noticed a lot of the initial supplements say ***MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT (6 to be exact), will this treatment be just as effective if only taking the fist six items, or are all the others required as well? Thanks for any feedback...
  6. jellis86

    The Deanna Protocol via tube

    Recently I downloaded the latest version of the DP. There are only 5 mandatory supplements now compared with about 20 when I first looked it months ago. I have been taking some of the stuff for months, but just this week started the whole new regimen. I take all meds and supplements through my...
  7. T

    Deanna Protocol for ALS?

    Anyone heard of this? My dads neuro told us to start it because he's had ALS patients who's symptoms have reversed. It's basically a bunch of supplements that a doctor used to treat his daughter.
  8. D

    Atrophy vs weakness

    I'm kind of a curious, research oriented kind of guy so there always things I wonder about? I searched this forum site repeatedly to attempt to see where my symptoms fit in, recognizing that there is often no "normal" when it comes to ALS. I found the following description of upper and lower...
  9. E

    > ALSUntangled has already finished the Deanna Protocol analysis:

    > ALSUntangled has already finished the Deanna Protocol analysis: > > ALS Untangled No. 20: The Deanna Protocol > > My PAL is currently on it, only having some of the main supplements, with no noticeable benefits so far. Anyway we will keep on it till we finish the supplements we bought. > >...
  10. W

    Mild paresis in right vocal fold and bulbar

    Thanks to all of you for any input. I am really hoping that one of the new meds shows promise soon. I had started another thread regarding my symptoms and was much relieved, however now I have new information. Here are my symptoms. I am 54 y.o. 11/2012 abrupt onset of pain and burning...