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    BiPAP or CPAP??

    My Dad goes to his sleep clinic appt tomorrow and I wanted to get some insight and advice from other PALS before. He did an over night sleep test last week and found out that he has sleep apnea. Tomorrow he goes to pick up a machine from Mainland Sleep. The sleep technician said he should...
  2. T

    Slipping Away

    Hi all. I feel it wont be long until my husband is set free from the horrid disease. He's been in hospital now for 4 weeks with pneumonia and sepsis and is getting worse. I've no-one to talk to about it, I don't want to be so upset to my kids as they aren't coping at all with their dad's...
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    My story

    Hello, I want to share with you our story in full. There are bits and pieces all over the forum, but I wanted to gather everything together. My father received a final diagnosis of MND yesterday. My father (60) started experiencing symptoms quite a while ago, around the winter of 2016. He...
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    Drop foot query

    Dear All As some of you know, I lost my Dad to ALS four years ago in August 2014 and have struggled with both grief and health anxiety as a result. The health anxiety was terrible after my Dad passed, and it manifested itself in lots of "twitching" which was diagnosed as BFS from...
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    hello every one my name is Najib and i have father who been diagnosed with ALS 6 month ago and i want to get more info if that possible. with ALS my dad has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and need an urgent Surgery to totally removal of the thyroid gland . but his doc said he cant do any...
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    Scared about als

    Hey guys! I’m sure you get this all the time as i can tell by the threads that are posted . But here’s my worry .... My dad died this past January from als at 68. I’m worried sick that i have the symptoms and here’s why . In February it’ll be 2 years with muscle twitches . I went and say a...
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    Breathing got better?

    My dad was diagnosed this past March with ALS but we are sure he had it for about a year or so prior. He just went back this week for his three month check and his breathing went from 86% to 92%. They said that is rare. Anyone else experience that? With that being side he has become weaker in...
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    Progressive symptoms, very worried about ALS

    I have been having unusual symptoms since a couple of weeks after the birth of my third child in April although things seem to have really progressed since late July. ALS only really appeared on my radar about 3 weeks ago when I felt my speech was changing. I have copied my main concerns below...
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    Indian Ginseng and Velvet Bean

    This was on ALSnews this morning and i thought i’d share. My Dad already takes Indian Ginseng and now we’ll go get the velvet bean, assuming the AMX-0035 trial allows it...
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    My daddy died in his sleep, at home

    And I wasn't there. I spent two months in Poland with him from August to mid October, and then had to come back to the US to work and to bring my kids back to their dad. My father begged me not to leave. He prayed for a quick death, and he prayed for an easy death. At least those two prayers...
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