1. S

    help to beat als

    I refuse to sit around and believe there is absolutely nothing i can do to beat ALS. Im not saying i believe there is a secret cure somewhere but that there has to be a healthy natural way to slow progression even by a little bit. Ive been inspired by the eric is winning website and would love...
  2. Mike in Maine

    Drowning in self-pity

    Told you I’d be back with more questions, seems now that I’m realize there will be no magic fix or cure to these issues that make every day somewhat of a challenge I’m having a hard time getting accustomed to the new normal. I know I should just take the cards dealt me and play my hand. I know...
  3. E

    Can't be True

    Hello-My brother was diagnosed with ALS this week and I have checked out of reality ever since we found out. Nothing else seems to matter anymore. I haven't had a chance to see him since he was diagnosed but it's all I'm sure we can all think about now. All I want is to be with him 24/7 now...
  4. A

    Honey Bee Venom

    I'm recieving accupuncture at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard IL. Many MD's and other modalities taught w/in this University. The needles are dipped in a Homopathic bee venom. I normally would have started right out w/a bee sting but I was stung twice in 09 by wasp's & went...
  5. M

    Sorry to meet you!

    I never really had a dad, I mean he was there physically but thats about it! About three years ago my mom met a man, a man who is now a very important person in mine and my kids' lives. He is the kindest most caring man that I have ever had in my life! I love him as if he were my dad...