1. S

    Drink holder works well for dad

    Mic stand and a drink holder for a walker attached to the end. Works well when dad is in his chair. The stand and cupholder cost me about $25.
  2. S

    Cupholder overkill but works

    I ended up ordering a microphone stand and a cupholder for a walker and attaching to the stand. It works well for him to have his mug where he can take a drink whenever he wants without one of us having to hold the cup for him. I hope this works well. I found my parts online and it only cost me...
  3. Inventor

    Robotic arm cupholder

    It is getting increasingly difficult for me to communicate with others how the drinking water cup should be positioned so that I could reach the straw without having to struggle holding my head up. Got the idea of attaching a cup holder to a computer controlled arm so that I could use the...
  4. adozi

    Cupholder for wheelchair

    DCI DrinKlip Uni This is the cupholder i have for my wheelchair. We get asked about it fairly frequently, so i thought i’d share. It works great, and even though the arm of my chair is a little tall for it, it’s lasted over a year so far, with no signs of spring weakening or plastic breaking...