1. J


    Symptoms started nine months ago with tingling and numbness in right leg and muscle cramps .I had gradual rt leg weakness wide spread fasiculations and jerky movements five months later I got severe reflux frequent burps and gags ,perceived weakness in my rt hand and what really frightens me...
  2. A

    Please help.I need a opion at least!!

    Hello everyone, and sorry for my thread.It took me while to get the nerve to post here because i really think the best of you wonderfull people, but i am very freaked out. It all started 2 months ago when i got some fasciculation on my right upper leg.Since than, i started to have widebody...
  3. B

    Still concerned, but should I be?

    33 year old male. Obese. Office job. I have always had some health anxiety, let's start there. My main anxiety throughout my adult life has been colon cancer, which comes from my symptoms of IBS and GERD. Back in April I had a gastro event, and it ramped up my anxiety. Afterwards I started...
  4. J

    Bodywide Fasciculations, cramps for past 8 months

    Happy to say no weakness other than rubbery legs but I’ve read that some ALS presents as sudden widespread fasics. Needless to say this is freaking me out. I’ve also read that ALS fascics are very frequent. Mine are nonstop and occur every few seconds. Every day is a new symptom. I have...
  5. S

    Posted earlier still searching. Opinions please

    The last thread I posted a member on here suggested I had RLS. Turns out I don’t. The Fasciculations are now all over and I’m having g muscle cramps. Which is honestly what’s scaring me the most. My throat feels like there’s something stuck in it and I think I’m having trouble with some...
  6. P

    Is this atrophy?

    I posted at the beginning of January however my thread was closed which is why I have opened this thread. Since I was explaining my story in depth I already felt that my lengthy explanation was enough for people to have to get through without me attaching photos too. However, I briefly...
  7. W

    Twitching cramps and stiffness

    Hello everyone 3 weeks ago I started feeling twitching in my left shoulder. It wasn't strong at first but now I can most definitely feel it. Doesn't happen all the time. Comes and goes through out the day. Sometimes it will stop for like 8 hours. During this time I have been feeling stiffness...
  8. C

    Hesitant To Post But Very Concerned

    I promised myself I wouldn't post here, but I caved to my stress over these symptoms. 42 year old Male. Initially I noticed a fine tremor in my left hand and feeling of internal tremor and starting having concerns over Parkinson's. In early November I started developing twitches in my legs...
  9. Doglady

    Limb onset question

    Hello all! It's certainly great to be a part of this group of experts - and I do appreciate all the helpful advice I've received and read in past messages on various topics. The knowledge and wisdom here is awesome and I've learned a lot! So, where else would I go when I can't figure...
  10. A

    My story

    Hi all. Here's my story. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance. I am 55 female. Started having finger, hand, and toe cramping at least 17 years ago. I also had body wide twitching. Was worried cuz I was due to have a kidney transplant surgery with general anesthesia and was...
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