1. M

    med for cramps

    i get a stitch in my side aaaaaaafter eating soup or an amlmond yogurt or taking suppllemet thóu the tube - liqui hohope. any suggestions? i have beeeeen pro grssing faster than the speed of li ght. i stopped aall als meds 2 mos ago and yesterday i reequested hosspice services in my hom...
  2. S

    Begging your thoughtful consideration one more time

    I know I am risking being deemed an annoyance, but I'm hoping that all of you who have experienced the tragedy of ALS will forgive me and grant me consideration one more time. The breathing and swallowing difficulties noted in my previous thread continue unabated, but I'm now experiencing...
  3. B

    over 6 months of symptoms no answer

    First i would like to thank everyone in this forum for providing there experiance and knowledge, and i hope for a cure soon. would also like to state that i have never had HA and my symptoms did not start with twitching. I won't make this a novel so here goes. Sept. Mild fatigue and felt i...
  4. G

    Help - newly diagnosed

    I'm a bit lost - finally third neurologist confirmed I have ALS. I am using walker now - wondering if I should go ahead and purchase a used wheel chair on Craig's List. Also - in a great deal of pain at night - horrible cramps - given muscle relaxers - still little help. They tell me ALS is...
  5. M

    Could this be a sign of ALS?

    Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to sat that I’m really sorry you have to go through this awful disease and that I’m keeping in you in my prayers. And thank you so much for all the reassurance you provide people who are struggling with getting diagnosed or are just simoly worried about...
  6. P

    Upcoming EMG and Terrified

    Hi everyone. Thank you for welcoming me onto this site. I read the sticky, so I'll try my best to adhere to the statements there. I'm 27, female, and have been having concerning symptoms since mid-September 2018. Symptoms first started in my left hand and forearm. Started with twitching and...
  7. J

    My symptoms, my fears

    Hello, first of all thank you for letting me join this forum. I’ve been dealing with some symptoms in the last month and I wanted to ask your opinnion about it. I’m 40. For some time I had some numbness in my hands, legs and upper lip so I had an appointment with neuro to see if something...
  8. W

    Fear of als

    Hey everyone, Over the past 3-4 days I have experienced twitching that I first noticed in my right bicep to now all over in different body parts and recently have felt like cramps all over my body when I flex these muscles. I have been terrified for als. Anything will help, please.
  9. C

    Als worry

    Hey I’ve read everything here just asking quick question then I’ll be gone I had emg Monday but he did it on my left side even though I’ve been having these burning aching pains and numbness all localized to right side I asked him after why he didn’t do my right on the phone and he said why...
  10. B

    C9 carrier with possible symptoms

    Hello everyone! This ended up being a very long post so I I'm going to put a tldr at the end for those of you with limited energy. This is my first post here and as a c9 carrier I will likely be lurking around for a while as it is the most comfort I have found so far. I want to say thank you...