1. B

    Looking for some advice & help.

    Hi. I am a 40 year old father of two who has not yet been diagnosed. I have never used a forum before, however my wife thought it might be a good idea in order to get some feedback. I really want to be as open as I can about what's been happening to me as I feel that will get me the best advice...
  2. L

    Emg 11/9

    I am an occupational therapist that works in a level II acute care trauma center. I am 43 years old. I see PALS in my daily work so I am familiar of the symptoms. I am also a neuro specialist and work with patients with all kinds of neurodegenerative disorders. I am watching my body...
  3. A

    No Peg Tube or anything else.......

    Hello, My husband will not have a peg tube, won't use Cpap, trilogy, cough assist etc.. He can move his head a little from side to side but that's about all he can move, doesn't have much of a voice. He can still swallow fairly well so I have been feeding him a softish diet. The amount of food...
  4. A

    New Here

    Hello. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in December 2012. He worked until Feb 2013 when he had to take a medical retirement. Now he is in a wheelchair and about the only movement he has is being able to turn his head a little. He is a veteran and I am his only caregiver. I do get help from...
  5. Vincent

    Bipap, Crossed another line

    Hot on the heels of another visit to Sunnybrook, with Barrie being very well represented, I've been prescribed a bipap. I'm used to using a cpap so getting used to a mask isn't an issue. But with pft at 54% and figuring on a 2% loss per month.... do the math. I was kinda hoping to deal with this...
  6. A

    Concern for my husband

    My husband is a big, tall burly guy. I have noticed over the last year that he seemed to have lost muscle mass and we chalked it up to age (early 50s). Instead of having tree trunk legs and arms, he has skinny guy legs/arms. Still no big deal. He has had some cramping, tremors or...
  7. S

    difference between CPAP and BiPAP

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago and tried to use a CPAP for nearly six months but finally gave up. I'm a very light sleeper and went from poor sleep to none at all. Now I'm diagnosed with bulbar ALS. What is the difference between CPAP and BiPAP?
  8. D

    2 questions: breathing and vision

    My husband has been diagnosed with PLS. He also has sleep apnea and was recently prescribed a cpap. I would like to know if breathing issues are common in PLS. I thought maybe breathing was only affected in ALS. Is there a typical breathing progression? When he is lying still without the cpap he...
  9. M

    comments much appreciated very scared

    hi everyone im new here but have been reading for a while . I am 48 year old male .it started about a year ago noticed my calves slightly twitching and noticed some pains here and there throughout my body.the worrisome part was my twitching began to really get bad in my calves and I was having...
  10. I

    BiPAP or CPAP?

    Hi My name is Donnie I'm 28 & I've known that I have sleep apnea since 4 years. Today I have an appointment with my doctor in the Sleep Lab department. This is my first time experience using a machine & I'm just curious which is the best one. & What others prefer. I would love your guys opinion.