1. D

    Trilogy in Hospice??

    I recall seeing a couple of posts saying hospice is not a possibility if one is on a BiPAP or CPAP. Is that correct.
  2. M

    Concern over recent symptoms

    Hi all, First of all, thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to reply to my post. I am a 32-year-old caucasian man currently living in Los Angeles. My symptoms started about 8 months ago with some intermittent muscle twitching that I noticed on and off in my neck, biceps, legs, all...
  3. C

    BiPAP or CPAP??

    My Dad goes to his sleep clinic appt tomorrow and I wanted to get some insight and advice from other PALS before. He did an over night sleep test last week and found out that he has sleep apnea. Tomorrow he goes to pick up a machine from Mainland Sleep. The sleep technician said he should...
  4. NothingButLove

    ResMed AirFit F20 Small Mask for CPAP/BiPAP/Trilogy

    ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Small Mask for CPAP/BiPAP/Trilogy This is a used mask and was worn for 2 months. $16 shipped to the US. Rob
  5. M

    Very Scared Bulbar Als??

    Hello everyone. I will try to explain what I have been going thru and any advice would be appreciated. I’m a 38 year old male. I started having dizziness in December 2017. I then had some left sided facial tingling around January 2018. For this my doctor ordered a Mri of brain and...
  6. W

    CPAP/BiPAP battery

    Novuscell NC20000 battery, powers most CPAPs and BiPAPs for up to 24 hours per charge, slightly used. $50/best offer
  7. R

    I need help using new hospital bed

    I have Synergy® Air Elite Low Air Loss Therapy and a fully electric hospital bed. I can lower the bed low enough to sit on bed, but I can’t swing my legs into bed. I have ALS that has started in my hips. I ordered a trapeze to mount to headboard. I want to learn how to lean back on raised...
  8. B

    Please help does my father have ALS

    I was wondering if someone knowledgeable would be able to help me with some concerns regarding my fathers condition. He has been tested for over a year now and we still don’t have a final diagnosis but doctor seems to be leaning towards ALS. My father was diagnosed with Ocular melanoma 13 years...
  9. J

    Worried about my symptoms

    Hello, Thanks in advance for listening to my story. I'm a 39 year old male. Nothing special. My sysmtoms started last November. I started twitching in my right leg above the knee. It lasted longer than normal and I chalked it up to allergies at first. It started all over my body. Then came the...
  10. F

    travel health insurance Canada to the USA

    Hi there: My friend has been denied travel health insurance for a visit to the USA from Canada. London Drugs -recommended by the ALS society denied her. She is using a walker and CPAP assist. Does anyone know of an insurer I can approach? thanks