could this be als

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    Could this be ALS?

    Hello there, my Name is Bastian, i am 28 yearsfrom Germany (i am sorry for my english 😞 ). My Story did start two years ago where the twitching startet in my lower legs. After two weeks where it didnt disapeared i went to see my doctor. He got me an appointment with a neurologist, who did some...
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    Very concerned

    Hey guys long time lurker here. I am here to talk about a concern I have been having for a few months. For a few months my right calf has been crampy and aching with soreness. It usually numbish and sore, worse when standing and walking. Not only do I have a pulling sensation when I walk, I...
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    Could this be ALS?

    Hi I am a new member. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a 45 year old woman. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis of a node in the chest 2 months ago. I was started on the medicines for TB and then a month ago I also got a tetanus toxoid injection. •A week after that I started...
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    Hi all I am a 21 year old female. < deleted by mod> Could this be ALS?
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    Tongue twitching

    Hi, I'm extremely sorry for taking your time, but I'm having some real anxiety about my tongue. For the past 8 months or so my tongue has been twitching at the tip -- it's on and off, and I can feel it, and when I stick it out I can see it. However, I have read that the tongue of a true ALS...
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    Please Help!

    First of all, this sight has been very informative - thank you to everyone. I am a 32 year old male, health conscious and into fitness - at the same time, married, father of 2 little girls, very high stress job, suffer from anxiety and horrible low back pain for years from heavy lifting/loading...
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    Nervous about my hand

    Hello, thank you in advance for reading and for any observations. I am a 53-year old man, generally in good health, fairly fit and active (although 10-12 pounds overweight), with no history of ALS in my family. I have a birth defect, my left arm is 8 inches shorter than my right, and I have no...
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    Twitches, Atrophy, feeling weaker.

    Hey everybody. :) This is my first post on these forums, I'm glad I found someplace that might help me answer my questions. I've been feeling like I'm getting weaker and more easily exhausted at work for quite a while. My legs started feeling heavy. Never thought about ALS, though. I'm quite...
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    Could this be ALS Symptoms?

    Hello I am 26 year old male. I have been havin these weird symptoms in my legs. It all started with a cramp in my right calf muscle , then a cramp in the left calf muscle. Now recently two weeks ago I started getting leg fatigue in both legs but when I rest it goes away. The other day the...
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    Scared please reassure

    It feels like my leg is wobbly when I stand, I have pain from the middle of my calf to my feet. I can dorseflex but it hurts, I now have 2 indentations when I flex, one where my gastro meets my soleus in my calf and one in between my ankle and soleus (bottom of calf). The indentations go away...