could this be als

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    Possible ALS?

    I have debated posting bc I am scared of the response I might get. I have convinced myself I have als. Background: For years (since 2015ish) I have had a tremor and occasional trigger finger/thumb, in right hand. In 2019 I went to a neurologist & he did a nerve test and emg, it had an abnormal...
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    EMG results

    Hello guys...I am a 28 years old and I started having muscle twitches in December 2018. I had a EMG today and it showed fasciculations in every muscle, but also fibrillations and polyphasics in some muscles. My doctor was worried and would like to repeat the test in two months....I am scared...
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    Ear “throbbing”

    Left ear seems to be quite often “throbbing” a little. I have worn hearing aids for several years and have occasionally had this feeling, but not this often and for this long. Could this be ALS related? This kept me up for some time during the night. Could not get back to sleep for awhile.
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    Worried sick about my son in law could this be als

    Hi im just looking for some advise , My son in law is 26 was very fit caring for severely disabled ppl for the last 7 years. About a year ago he started feeling vibrations in his legs but was still getting around. Over the last couple of months it has become where he isnt managing to stand...
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    I have a feeling this could be ALS

    Please tell me if this sounds familar to any of you... I am a 31 year old mixed race female and 2 months ago I started to have trouble swallowing, then trouble breathing came next, soon all the muscles in my body hurt and felt very weak. The weakness and pain started with my neck, jaw and upper...
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    Could this be ALS?

    I started having muscle spasms and what I believed muscle twitches in both my legs about 6 weeks ago along with tingling in feet and numbness. Soon after I felt the twitches in other parts of my body. I also have tingliness in my hands. I can still do my daily activities so no muscle weakness. I...
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    Finger contraction

    Hello, For the past 1 week + I have experience a contraction in my hand/pinky that is on and off. My pinky and hand muscle of my left hand is exp riencing an intermittent spasm. It will come every half hour and stiffen on and off for 5 seconds about 10 times. This has caused come cramping in...
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    Learning about this terrible disease, could this be ALS?

    First I'd like to say I know this is just a discussion forum and nobody on here are qualified to diagnose, however I know that a lot of people are very well educated on ALS and can help mentally. Basically, my symptoms seem to be weakness in both arms mainly from my elbow to my shoulder, the...
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    Could this be als?

    Dear all, I am 27 year old male. For the past 3 month i started to have severe panic attacks and depression which is caused by my hypochondria due to feeling very sick all the time. (Occasional difficulty breathing, tachycardia, feeling hot, sweating, tremors and low grade fever, losing 15 kg...
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    Could this be ALS?

    Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post. I've received a lot of relief and understanding by reading the other posts and your replies on this forum. I am a 27-year-old male, and I have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 years. Lately, I've been having some symptoms...