1. B

    ALS and a cold

    My father in law was diagnosed with ALS last month after symptoms for over a year. I was concerned about his eating and choking but the specialists at ALS clinic didn't think he needed peg tube yet. Then we were concerned with his breathing but his levels are still good so they didn't feel he...
  2. Barbie

    Today has been a Bad Day

    My poor husband has had a very bad day today-- He has been having daily severe coughing fits in the evening for the last couple of weeks. tons of phlem and he is left feeling weak and spent but feels fine the next morning. the only thing he will take is benedryl because he is sure he is...
  3. J

    Question, advice needed

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. Long story made short, my mom, Phyllis, started with a raspy voice in April of this year. After several doctors giving her the run down and sending her somewhere else we were sent to the voice clinic at Vanderbilt. By then (Aug) mom was...
  4. W

    Is this/should I be...concerned?

    I have notice that some nights, not all but a lot nights, I don't seem to move through the night. Legs don't move right, arms don't move right etc. although in my mind/sleep... I wake and feel restless. I used have and still do on occasion, have very severe leg cramps...but in some ways, it's...
  5. Sammantha


    The past few weeks I have been waking a lot to either cough or swallow. The cough is from something irritating my throat and swallowin from pooling of saliva.. Even when I am sitting upright I can feel the irritation...I constantly clearing my throat and my chest hurts every morning from...
  6. B

    Mother has been diagnosed with PBP

    Hello there, I hope I posted in the right section. My mother was diagnosed with Progressive Bulbar Palsy last month. I guess her issues started about a year ago. Her speech was fine but for some reason she thought she had cerebral palsy. Not much longer after that her voice started to change...