cough assist

  1. J


    Bruce is Bulbar, and having bad coughing problems, and the mucus seems like is just gobs of it. We are using the cough assist machine, and the suction maching, scopolamine patches, we have tried the mucinex, prescription cough syrup...none seems to be helping too much. I got a nebulizer today...
  2. I

    Manual cough assist for sale

    I am selling a cough assist. I would like $1,200 for it. I will pay for shipping costs in the continental US. It's an Emerson manual model.
  3. Danijela

    Cough assist - life saver!

    All three of us have a cold. For me and Stan it is a minor issue. For Laurence, however, it could have been the end of the road. He simply could not cough up the secretions which have turned into a green infectious gunk. I knew a cold was coming some time (Stan is in the nursery and brings...
  4. Danijela


    We are having a few issues at the moment, such as a cold/flu (all affected, cough assist came handy to help L cough up). But one 'new' thing I have noticed with Laurence is belching. At first, I thought there was something wrong with his voice (it keeps going up and down and he struggles to...
  5. M


    My husband recently is in need of the suction and cough assist machines. He ordered a suction machine online as soon as he got the prescription. A couple days later, when we realized it wasn't getting here soon enough, I called the local medical supply store, only to learn the following: 1)...
  6. abbas child

    CALS needs help regarding mucus

    hannacat asked me this--I hope this is helpful (starting a thread for her) Hi, My husband has the bulbar form of als and I can talk about that but today our major problem is mucous. We are fortunate enough to have a Vest and a cough assist -both new to us. He has involuntary coughing and just...
  7. Beach Bum

    Venting at 68 years

    Had a meeting with a very respected pulmonologist today.I have had some breathing issues at night and have been sleeping in my recliner for appox six weeks now.VA has a hospital bed due at my house tomorrow at noon.Had the breathing test today and my FVC in june was 87%,today 53%.He will be...
  8. J

    cough assist machine

    Bruce is is using the resperonic cough assist machine, it works fine, but the part that actually hooks to the machine, has that piece that has a filter to it. It looks nasty, how or do you clean it. She told me to clean the tubing with part vinegar and part water, the actual mask oiece could be...
  9. Lobster

    Hospice questions

    The ALS clinic suggested hospice. Hospice sent a slick salesperson. I kept saying I did not need to be sold on it. I had very specific questions. The sales lady pressed hard, trying to get me to sign on the dotted line... which is funny because my hands and arms don't work at all. Anyway, here...
  10. Barbie

    Can I have some Cheese with my Whine?

    Hi All, I have been a member of this forum for several years and rarely post because...i don't even know why...but I do read and take so much good away from other posts. I feel like I know people who post alot, just from reading the forums and it makes me sad to see so many of the ones who...