1. Kristina1

    can you reverse contracture?

    Is it possible to reverse contacture? I have curling fingers, I now wear a splint/orthotic as often as i can to stop it getting worse, but is there a way to reverse the damage already done? Two of my fingers have a lot of pain from it.
  2. J

    Fasciculations ans hyperreflexia.

    Hello everyone. First if aller sorry for my english, it's not my first langage... I'm a 37 y.o. girl. I have a MS suspicion because i have hearing loss at one frequency in my right ear (-50db in high frequency). My mother, brother ans uncle have MS. But i have a LOT of fasciculations...
  3. T

    Finger contracture

    How do you guys deal with this? It's a couple fingers on my right hand and my thumb on the left. The joints are swollen and hurt. I have a prescription for some OT, so I'm going to try that. Is this reversible at all?
  4. pdcraig

    I didn't know what I didn't know

    I've been catching up today and in the roll call was introduced to Slippery Sally All I can say is "God d****t". How is it I have never heard of this? Thank you Tillie BTW. Even 4 1/2 years into this, there is still the seemingly never ending, "I didn't know that." It got me thinking of all...
  5. Nuts

    Not Feeling...

    It's been some time since I've been able to make much of a post. I think of things I'd like to share, but then I just can't. What's that about? What is this part of the rollercoaster that leaves me not feeling. I think. I respond. I plan. But I don't seem to be able to feel. This past...
  6. M

    is your spasticity worse in the evening?

    Does your spasticity get worse in the evening like around 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm ? Is that when you take your largest dose of baclofen? Not looking for suggestions but rather to hear your experience with the time of the day and what does it feel like? -thanks Also does your arch of your foot twist so...
  7. chally

    Hand issues

    i have been diagnosed with als back in feb 2015 although i feel it started in june 2014. my right hand fingers are curled up and sore to stretch out. i have lost of movement in both hands but the right seems different. my ortho Doc says it's Dupuytren's contracture another rare malady. ques...
  8. TheMackle

    A Month or 2 with PLS

    Hello. First off I have been here a couple of times and have offended. I am sorry. I am not blaming the stress but for many of us in the prior to diagnosed stage it freaking sucks. So I apologize for my inappropriate behavior. My upper motor neuron symptoms progressed to the point when my...
  9. W

    need info on pls

    I have been a member for awhile, I have not posted in a very long time, I will try to make this as short as possible. I know I do not have als, I would be dead by now. Last year in june my daughter found me unresponsive and brought me to the er, I was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. I was...
  10. Barbie

    UMN vs LMN Damage Signs

    I found this on the web today, thought summarized the info very well. The difference between LMN and UMN damage seems to confuse many. Signs of Upper Motor Neuron Lesions (UMNL) 1. Paralysis or weakness of movements of the affected side but gross movements may be produced. No muscle atrophy...
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