1. S

    Contagious diseases that come with ALS

    Hello there! I tried searching for something similar than this but could not find a topic. I was working as a personal assistant for someone who had ALS. Shortly after I stopped working with this person, I got this post nasal drip. I went to a private practitioner beginning of this year...
  2. E

    My brother has been diagnosed. I can't cope.

    My brother, who I adore and love very much has just been diagnosed last month with ALS. Though I had strong suspicions, it was still crushing to hear it as official. I am simply devisated. Devistated for him, devistated for his wife and kids, devisated for our parents, and least of my concerns...
  3. I

    Married couple w/ ALS

    i just registered in this forum to pass this information, one of my relatives wife has ALS she managed to catch it early ,they been living together for more than 20 years now. recentrly though he was also daiagnoised with ALS ( LATE STAGES ). i just can't believe that he didnt get it from her...
  4. D

    Clinitron At Home for sale

    I have a used (barely) clinitron at home air fluidized therapy bed for sale. This bed brand new per hill rom is 51,896.00! It is an excellent bed that is wonderful at preventing/healing ulcers. Bed is in excellent working condition. Bed was used by one patient for a brief amount of time. This is...
  5. K

    Contagious Patterns in ALS?

    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen cases of ALS that show characteristics of a contagious disease. I know every scientific source I have read lists ALS as absolutely not contagious, but I have also come across a couple cases in my area where BOTH PARENTS of a child has been diagnosed with...
  6. F

    Is ALS contagious?

    I wonder if I will get it too. I am feeling some movements in my muscles in the legs and sometimes in my hands and arms too. Am I getting nuts? Please any spouses help me!
  7. Alyoop

    Great information on health Anxiety.

    Health anxiety is an anxiety disorder that is often housed within the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) spectrum of disorders. Those affected by health anxiety have an obsessional preoccupation with the idea or the thought that they are currently (or will be) experiencing a physical illness...
  8. P

    Help please! Is this ALS?

    Help please! My brother in law has this disease since he was 11 years old. Does it sound like ALS? He started to develop the symptoms in 1990. At the beginning, the disease developed very slowly. Recent years it severs so quickly. He is 31-year-old (born in April 1980, term delivered and APGAR...
  9. arkallen

    Wordless Wonder

    I simply will not speak to bus drivers any more, not a word! More accurately, I cannot speak to bus drivers any more. Instead, I have a small deck of laminated cards on which I have printed courteous requests for tickets and the stops where I wish to disembark. For ten days now I have been...
  10. S

    are you sure this is not contagious?

    my mom's mom had pbp at 71 & my mom 56 her pbp started in november after an amalgam filling in her already metal tooth covers that she had from the 70's. after my mom got diagnosed a few months ago i've been having twitches in thigh, shoulder [but i would always hit them and they would go away]...