1. R

    More Than Our Stories 2019 - A different kind of advocacy conference

    Please consider participating in the second annual Feb 12-13 in Washington, DC. This is a different kind of advocacy conference. No Powerpoint. No formal presentations. Lots of healthy discussion about government policies that can be improved for people dealing...
  2. N

    MND conference - Glasgow December 7-9

    Hello, I’ve been looking for a part of the forum where I could safely post, I didn’t want to intrude on any of the threads which appear for PALS or CALS only. It was really just to say that I live only a short distance from the SECC where the above titles conference is taking place in...
  3. J

    Brainstorm considering Right to Try for NurOwn access

    Thought you guys might be interested to hear how the Brainstorm conference call went today. Seems like the CEO Chaim Lebovits really wants to make NurOwn available but the logistics are up in the air and nothing is confirmed...
  4. lgelb

    ALSA conference live stream

    Is here, going on now.
  5. Kristina1

    Boston area PALS..

    Is anyone else going to the ALS ONE conference? Link: My husband and I are planning to go.
  6. J

    ALS Conference 2018

    NeuroSense Therapeutics event: A little bit long but very interesting..
  7. J


    Just posting this here... NeuroSense are holding a conference in Israel regarding there PoC study results.
  8. Kristina1

    in person support groups

    Sorry in advance that this is long. I had Clinic today, and it so happened that at the same time as my visit the local ALS association support group was going on (they meet in the conference room at my ALS Clinic). Since there was a delay between seeing pulmonary and waiting for neuro they...
  9. H

    Ayahuasca stimulates the birth of new brain cells

    Article from Beckley Foundation website Scientists find that Ayahuasca stimulates neurogenesis - the birth of new brain cells – latest findings from the Sant Pau Research Programme Our collaborator Dr Jordi Riba presented these ground-breaking results at the Interdisciplinary Conference on...
  10. affected

    balancing on the other side

    Yesterday I helped run a conference with MND NSW titled "Living well with MND". I did the registration desk, so got to greet everyone which is a busy job. It was a jam packed day with speakers in order: Speech pathologist Dietician Stoma nurse Pulmonologist Palliative care director...