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  1. K

    DynaVox Maestro Slim Augmentative Communication Device $899 OBO Free Shipping

    DynaVox Maestro Augmentative Communication Device (ACC Device) Comes with nice carrying case with a shoulder strap that almost looks like a messenger bag when carrying it. Please email me at [email protected] for pictures This device is in Excellent Condition. This device was only used a...
  2. K

    DynaVox Maestro Slim Augmentative Communication Device

    DynaVox Maestro Augmentative Communication Device (ACC Device) $1,299 or best offer and Free Shipping. I will ship it with care, tracking, and full insurance. This device is in Excellent Condition. This device was only used a few times and has always been kept in the case Comes with Power...
  3. M

    Father ALS with FTD Caregiving dilemma

    Hello, I am new to the forum. My father was diagnosed with ALS with FTD on January 3,2013. At the time he was walking, talking, still driving, and working. Since then he has declined at an amazing rate. My mother and I have been able to handle the caregiving until this last week. He is...
  4. S

    Communication Devices

    Hello! I am a speech pathologist and was just given a referral to see a sweet lady in her home. She has ALS and is at the stage where she is non verbal and has lost the use of all extremeties. She has fairly decent head control when its supported. I have already set her up with an alphabet...
  5. E

    Looking for small communication device

    My husband is really losing his ability to talk (bulbar onset ALS). He has a "boogie board" for scratching a quick word here and there when we don't understand him, but it won't be long until he needs to use something to talk for him. We have an iPad with various speaking apps but it's a...
  6. M

    Communication device speaking Vietnamese

    My mom was diagnosed with ALS and is losing her speech. She is in Vietnam and speaks mostly Vietnamese. Do you know any communication device for ALS patients that can synthesize Vietnamese? Thank you very much!
  7. T

    DynaVox Series 5 communications device with wheelchair mount

    Selling DynaVox Series 5 nearly like new, nearly unused. Includes wheelchair mount.
  8. B

    Selling - Tobii C15 w/ CEye

    A like new C15 Tobii communication device with CEye. Equipped with Tobii Communicator software, adjustable mount and a myriad of other accessories. This was purchased in 2011 for individual who had ALS but was able to used their hands to type up until their passing. The price of these items...
  9. st123

    losing my mind?

    When I joined here a few months ago, I read about a communication device invented by a PALS. It was a simple book of words/colors with a hole in the middle of the page so CALS could see what the PALS were looking at. Wow, I know I explained that badly, but can't think of a better way. Anyway...
  10. Chase_Corin


    I guess I am just venting, on top of the not being able to taste anything my dad recently recived the electronic communication device of his choice an iPAD, that sits on our kitchen table. Does he use it? Yes, to check his e-mail and lottery numbers Does he use it for the purpose inteded? NO...