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  1. F

    Tobii i-12 Communication device for sale

    I am selling a Tobii i-12 Communication device. This device was unboxed January 2014 and not used until July 2014. Family member passed away early 2015. It was only used sparingly as a communication/music device to play music on a powered chair. Our family member, who suffered from ALS...
  2. Rhonda J

    So many mixed emotions....I am a horrible person

    My husband has had this horrible disease for 6 years. He is 57 and I am 50. We have been married 11 years. He is a 25 year Retired Veteran of the Air Force. It came on fast, it took his voice and his walking first...then gradually he has declined to the point of being in a wheelchair 12-14...
  3. T

    Tobii Communication Device

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if this is not the correct or an appropriate place to post this. I have a friend who recently passed away from ALS. Six months ago, we had purchased him a Tobii Communication device, which we no longer need. I was wondering if there was a place to sell it...
  4. R

    WEGO speech-generating device with EyeTech TM4 Camera and The Grid 2

    EyeTech TM4 Camera and The Grid 2 Is currently connected to an ACER Icona Tablet (W500 Series). Looking to get $3000.00. This was received through Talk To Me Technologies. Sadly my mother was never able to use this before she passed from ALS about 2 years ago, because her eyesight began to...
  5. M

    Used ALS Equipment for Sale, Dynavox DynaWrite, Tobii and Perimobile C300 Wheelchair

    2012 Perimobile C300 Power Wheelchair with Corpus 3G Seat System. State of the art technology and fully loaded. Multiple speeds, you can raise and lower the seat, recline, change the leg rest angles, adjust arm rest angles, etc. It was used for less than a year. Paid over $40k for it, asking...
  6. K

    communication device Dynavox Meastro

    I have a new Dynavox Meastro series 5 with windows 7 comes with all cds, original box, carrying case and charger. COMPLETE I am open to offers on the sale price. This has been used very little. you can read about the benifits DynaVox | Products - Maestro
  7. Z

    Hello - New here

    My name is Ellen. I've had ALS symptoms since 2005. It began with weakness in my right hand and slowly spread throughout my body. I was diagnosed in May 2007 - at that time I was mother to 5-month-old twin daughters and a 3-year-old girl. My husband had to take parental leave because I...
  8. D

    Communication Device for sale.

    Communication Device, Dynavox Maestro Series 5 with InterAACt, Version 1.07.2 Like new and have all paper work, DVD, and box it came in. Can work on price...
  9. A

    been a while

    So I haven't been on here in a while. I've been getting support by joining a als caregivers fb group. But somehow I'm not apart of the group anymore. Anyway I hope everyone is hanging in there. Right now we are trying to get a head mouse for a communication device for mom. We were told the...
  10. C

    Dynavox Maestro for Sale $2,000

    Dynavox Maestro basically brand new...retails for around $8,000.00 only asking $2,000.00. Never really used due to person who it was purchased for passed away. Comes with nice case and charger power cord. Willing to take offers. PM for pictures and more details. Great product. The Maestro may...