communication device

  1. J

    Tellus 5 Augmentative Communication Device

    New, it was set up for someone else but never used, assists in the communication for people with a speech/communication difficulty. Can ship. Asking $4,500
  2. B

    Update on my visit to my sister and a new question

    I posted over a month ago and got very helpful advice. I wanted to thank all who replied once again. I spent a wonderful week with my sister. I have to admit there were tears but there was also a lot of laughter. My sister's spirits lifted and we went out for a walk every day to her favorite...
  3. M

    Gleason act

    I know someone who will testify Thursday in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the Steve Gleason Enduring Voices Act. This act would end the sunset clause on the Gleason Act from 2015 and ensure that speech generating devices remain firmly in the category of "frequently...
  4. S

    Best speech/communication device?

    Which devices have worked best for you?
  5. M


    My son was using this device and became very proficient. However, his eyesight unexpectedly deteriorated very quickly and lost this way of communicating. It was such a gift for him when he was able to communicate with it. It's very hard for us to part with, but we're hoping it will be...
  6. R

    TOBII PCEye Go + Communicator 5 Software

    TOBII PCEye Go + Communicator 5 Software purchased 1/16 for $2539.00. This attaches to a tablet or laptop for voice communication using mouse, switches or Eye Control. My wife loved it for communicating through SKYPE with family. Although it has capability for far more, we were not that...
  7. JennyC

    Breakthrough in Communication Device
  8. JennyC

    Update on mom

    Update on my mom, she continues to decline quickly. She is now exclusively in a wheelchair as she can no longer use the rollator. She has a home health aid that comes in two times a week for two hours in the mornings but home health aids are expensive. My mom doesn't qualify for palliative or...
  9. I

    Tobii I-12 eye tracking communication device

    Purchased in sept of 2013 for my mother who lived with ALS for 12 years, She was only able to use the device for a few months. Still Brand new condition. Please contact me for images or additional questions. The I-Series brings about numerous game-changing innovations to the assistive...
  10. B

    High Tech Communication Device

    He has bulbar onset and lost ability to speak. He still has use of hand. He has a device he can use, type at a table, but its clunky when walking around. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for communicating via text or speech device while walking around? I see online those watches that...