coconut oil

  1. U

    What is going on with me?

    Ok back in november 2015 I inhaled coolant at work and instantly got a pain on the back of my neck and felt like I was going to puke for like 12 hours. Few months later something happened with my brain causing my perception to change and my memory got impaired and my personality slightly...
  2. T

    Any magical Safe Cures out there ?

    Hi and low I have searched on all thees forums and more looking for some magical safe staller or Cure, I have a huge list of supplements mostly herbals I have tried in many combinations but alas not as yet, I will list all my tries. I have had Nettle in my head for years and Teasel I knew not...
  3. I

    hospital bed, mattress, pressure sores, dynavox, oh my!!!

    At our latest clinic visit we were advised that it was time for yet even more equipment than we were prepared to hear. Time for hospital bed, special mattress, dynavox for speech and change in PEG formula. This has left me with little time to research therefore I am asking those who have been...
  4. C

    Left bicep is soft now :(

    Time to go back to the docter :( hello guys its been a while since I have posted here. Most of you know that my symptoms started around may of 2015. My legs feel like they are getting weaker but I'm not sure if its in my head or real weakness. I have been feeling off balance while...
  5. A

    Hydroxytyrosol effectiveness? With Other Supplements?

    Hydroxytyrosol is a phenylethanoid, a type of phenolic phytochemical with antioxidant properties in vitro. In nature, hydroxytyrosol is found in olive leaf and olive oil, in the form of its elenolic acid ester oleuropein and, especially after degradation, in its plain form(***wiki)...
  6. KimT

    Question for those who can still eat

    What do you eat? What diets have you tried. Have you simply tried to maintain/gain weight or have you tried high antioxidant diets, anti-inflammatory diets, paleo, etc? Are there things you have incorporated into your diet that you didn't eat before. Have you found you feel better or worse...
  7. D

    Is this recovery from MND????

    i everyone My Dad has been recently diagnosed with possible MND ( its been a little more than a month). As per The Dr. it is currently effecting lower Motor Neurons Only- Both hands majorly. He has problem holding spoon buttoning shirt, lifting arms, using car keys etc. Also there is major...
  8. H

    diagnosed 3 weeks ago

    i have people suggesting alternative treatments. suggestions include seeing a chiropractor other suggestions include investigating essential oils, coconut oil. cannabis oil. opinions??
  9. mpnatx

    Very Severe Cramps

    I know this has been discussed many times and I have always had cramping in my legs, feet, hands etc. But just recently, I've had the most severe cramps on the muscle in my left leg on the outside of my shin from my knee into my foot. My foot locks up and the pain is unbearable. A 10 on the...
  10. B

    Alternative Methods

    I've spent a fair bit of time reviewing the info at ALS Untangled, and from what I know, it's a reputable site for PALS re: alternative methods of treatment. The site dismisses most of the remedies out there, although does suggest that "further research" is warranted on some items - for...