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    FIG4/ALS11 mutation

    I'm going to try to keep this short and start by saying I'm actively trying to get into a neuro at the local hospital that deals with neurodegenerative diseases. Through genetic testing (legit, medical testing done by a Dr.) I was found to have a mutation of the FIG4/ALS11/Sac3 gene. It's...
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    Re Visiting

    Hi Folks, The past 16 months have been a challenge for me. I had not been able to get a diagnosis during that time. I had many symptoms that presented to be similar to ALS symptoms - calf atrophy, twitching, abnormal emg, etc. My neurologist would not diagnosis me with ALS, nor would he rule it...
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    Advice for twitchers

    Those of you with twitching, cramping and any number of other motor, sensory and/or autonomic symptoms, please get your vitamin B6 levels checked and consider whether a statin drug may be causing or aggravating your issues. I have an underlying neuropathy that was almost symptom free (I was...
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    Respiratory Onset Questions

    Hi All, I was here awhile back, but still have questions I am hoping you can help me with. Can you have respiratory onset with a clean EMG? What part of the body is tested for that? I have CMT1A, but have unexplained expiratory muscle weakness. The muscles are only at 40%. My CMT neuro...
  5. V

    difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth

    Can someone tell me the difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth disease. I know Charcot Marie Tooth is genetic. I would appreciate any info.
  6. C

    Do I have early onset ALS?

    Hi all, I didn't know where else to turn to so I thought I could get some guidance here. So here it goes.. First of all let me begin by giving a little background. I am currently a 19 year old college student. I know that ALS rarely occurs in someone my age, but my situation is such that I...
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    Mostly on my left side

    Hello members of the community, thank you all for reading this. I have read the stickies but believe that I could benefit from your additional input. I am a 43 year old male and I am presenting with the following: In May 2014 I presented to my primary care provider (PCP) after experiencing...
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    Foot Atrophy and re-starting investigations

    Hi all, I just wanted to gauge your opinions. I had hoped to have put all this to bed. As many of the key, helpful members on this forum know, at the beginning of September, and for a good month and a half, I had twitching/ buzzing constantly in my left calf, as well as some, moving but...
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    A story about falling ill in ALS, the devil´s disease, with reflections and criticism

    A story about falling ill in ALS, the devil´s disease, with reflections and criticism you can have as a physician after onset of ALS. Author Ulf Ljungblad MD, PhD - August 2014 ALS is sometimes called the devil´s disease. It usually affects fully healthy often physically very active persons...
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    What it was when it was not ALS

    Hello I just wanted to say that all my symptoms ended up with CMT - A sensitive nerve disease. Ive been on this forums alot, and i just wanted to say to everyone here that you guys are Amazing. Everything makes sence now.. I am one of these who have abnormal feeling in legs +constant popcorn...