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  1. Kristina1

    mexiletine side effects please advise

    Hi I was hoping others who are on or have tried mexiletine could chime in with their experience. Apologies in advance for the length of this post. Background: I'm in the AMX0035 (amylyx) clinical trial in the open label phase meaning we know for sure I am receiving the real drug. I was told...
  2. F

    Concerned after initial neuro exam

    Hello, everyone. I was just wondering if I would be able to get some feedback and opinions from the wonderful people on this forum. I realize you guys get a lot of questions regarding things don't seem to be related to ALS, so I apologize in advance if I go down the same path. First of all, I...
  3. J

    Clonus and subclonus in ALS

    ...apology, maybe that was million times mentioned, bot not that way i am looking for. since there's noone arround me to ask to, i ask experienced: i have SUBclonus (as my neuro wrote), not clonus in my right foot. i have no babinski. others are 3+. my subclonus is worsening, and it is now, as...
  4. A

    My story

    Hi all. Here's my story. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance. I am 55 female. Started having finger, hand, and toe cramping at least 17 years ago. I also had body wide twitching. Was worried cuz I was due to have a kidney transplant surgery with general anesthesia and was...
  5. J

    muscle weakness, twitching, cramping and fatigue... ALS?

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if any of this sounds familiar.. 38 y/o female. Previously VERY active, trail running, mountain biking, more energy than I knew what to do with. Weekends, you could find me hiking (10+ hours, overnight hikes with a full pack), alpine mountain biking (4+ hours), and...
  6. L

    Please Help. Hopeless

    I have had constant twtiching in both calves for going on 3 months. i also have twitching randomly all over my body including my tongue. all the muscles twitch at rest and when i get up to walk or move around my calves stop twitching. i get radnom ones in arms, hands, tongue ( at rest ), butt...
  7. H

    Neurologist visit

    Hello all, I need opinions on some troublesome clinical findings plus emg results. As many of you know I have been seeing and following up with Neuromuscular specialists here in Florida for a few years now. While I still don't have any firm diagnosis I do have an abnormal clinical exam plus...
  8. W

    Looking for a glimmer of hope

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start off with saying that I have utmost respect to all of PALS and CALS who despite the illness did not forfeit and are fighting and living each day as happy as it's possible. I have lurked the board for 2 months (read ALL stickies) now and I've decided I...
  9. M

    Experiences/Advice on Clinical Weakness please?

    Good evening everybody. Gratitude in advance to anyone who reads this, or takes the time to respond. From reading all the stickies, I seriously doubt I have ALS. My heart goes out to those that do. That said, there is so much knowledge and experience here and if possible, I would like to pick...
  10. 1


    I believe my last thread was closed. And for good reason. Been going through “symptoms” for about 2.5 years now. Twitching, cramping, etc...So, the longevity of it all does play against the odds I know that. I was told BCFS. But for the longest while now, a few months and counting, I’ve...

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