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    Jaxson Follow up ~5 Months

    Hello....I lost access to my old email address here is a link to my old thread: So I just wanted to circle back and wrap this up for those who may have been interested in my thread. I've talked to a few...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    RCH4 revisited again I have been on the ALS drug RCH4 for the past 19 months and I am upset about the moderators comments which are most unfair to a charity who has provided both support and RCH4 free of charge worldwide for years. The moderator here, Laurie, has locked two previous threads...
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    For 2 years now i have the following problems (excuse for the faults, come from Holland), my problems; -symmetrical weakness in legs, a bit in arms, a litte increases in 2 years, look thinner -little stifness upper leggs, specially walking downstairs -problems with swallow foot, liquids going...
  4. B

    A.C.E staus?

    I received a call from the Orlando VA regarding my ALS compensation claim that was filed bck on September 21, 2017. The person to whom I spoke said my case file was moving to ACE status. He said ACE stands for "Accepted Clinical Evidence". I have no idea what happens next. Does anyone have...
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    EMG Results - Need Opinion

    Hi, Please don't block or ban me. I promise that I wont disturb you and I am here only to ask valid questions. Somehow I was misunderstood last time and I was blocked. First of all Thank you all for the help. History : 2006 - Right leg weakness 2006 - 2017- guess very slowly growing weakness(...