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    China Stem Cells Medical Centre

    Has anyone had a look at this before? URL DELETED They sent a reply asking for my fathers medical records so they can determine whether the treatment will work or not and advise that they dont want patients going over there if they are determined not suitable.. Thanks Melissa
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    This is what I promised you and sorry for some replies

    Sorry for some people they don’t be patient! never mind first I am in Saudi Arabia, second I swear that what I told you is right, third English is not my mother language it takes my hours to write a post I have to go to a translation programs, remember that in the first thread I wrote (First of...
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    how much cost "Cough Assist"in US ?

    i am living in holland, but the my mother who has ALS live in China. In China there is no "home care "centre, so i am trying to ask via internet about the price of "cough assist" and i hv to buy one via internet . so maybe cough assist is cheaper in US? can somebody tell me ? if it is cheaper...
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    Question about Riluzole(or Rilutek)

    Hello all, It has been a while since I last log in this Forum. Recently, I've a friend who will travel to U.S soon, I want him to help to purchase 1-2 pcs Riluzole, the bring it back to China for My Mom. So My question is : 1. The Medicine's exact name should be "Riluzole" or "Rilutek"? 2...
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    Hi, My dad is 64 and he was diagnosed with MND. I am 30 years old now. I fell off my bike about 5 months ago. I had a serious pain on my right shoulder and it was swollen. Nothing was wrong with the bones (I assumed) so I did not go and see a doctor. Few days later I went for an accupunture...
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    New member say Hi to everyone!

    Hi All, This is Andy from China saying hello to everybody. My mom was diagnosed with ALS two motn ago(Sep.2008), She has been despaired since then, I'am very nervous about her. Since our financial situation, We do not have much money on supporting the only impactful medicine(Maybe) "Riluzole"...
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    Jane Fonda to play PAL on broadway

    I have read the play and the lead character Katherine has ALS. AL. Jane Fonda to Return to Broadway Jane Fonda Two-time Academy Award winner Jane Fonda will return to Broadway next year in a new play penned by Moisés Kaufman. Fonda will star in Kaufman's 33 Variations, which is scheduled to...
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    stem cell and ...

    Hi All: my brother emailed me about this guy doing stem cell surgeries with reported success, although i cdn't find anything re: als. does anyone know more ? Dr. Carlos Lima Egas Moriz Hospital Lisbon, Portgual tel. 351.21.365001 also, when you do a google search: "als stem cell" there's all...
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    Stem Cell Treatment

    As some of you may be aware stem cell treatment is available in India and China. Has anyone taken this treatment? If so how good/bad it is?
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    Don't know what to do

    Hi This is my first time so I hope I am doing this right. I am an expat working in Beijing, China and I have just been DX with ALS by a local neurologist. Had all the tests etc. but health care here is not always firstrate so I made an appointment with another neurologist in Hong Kong for next...