1. K

    Stem Cell Treatment

    Has anyone had any stem cell treatment for ALS from Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital or the Cells Center China in Beijing? I saw that they had a stem cell trial listed in Clinical Trials. gov so I wondered how legit they are. I would like to know more about it and how successful the treatments were.
  2. K

    stem cell of america

    has anyone been there and received the treatment and had good results? im going to China in may for stem cell treatment and they have had great results. but now I hear of the place in los Angeles called stem cell of America. just want to know if anyone has been there.
  3. Mike in Maine

    Drowning in self-pity

    Told you I’d be back with more questions, seems now that I’m realize there will be no magic fix or cure to these issues that make every day somewhat of a challenge I’m having a hard time getting accustomed to the new normal. I know I should just take the cards dealt me and play my hand. I know...
  4. H

    Need informaiton to buy Riluzole

    Hi everyone: My good friend's brother was diagnosed with ALS in China Shanghai. His doctor told him that he should buy Riluzole in US or CA for higher quality and lower price. She is very sad now, so I want to help her and her brother. I am working in Chicago now. But I was told that I...
  5. H

    Want to buy Riluzole in US

    My good friend's brother was diagnosed with ALS just couple weeks ago in China Shanghai. So she is so sad for his brother now. The doctor told them they maybe can buy Riluzole in US or CA for higher quilaty and low price. I am working in Chicago, so she want me to buy some medicine for her...
  6. L

    Every day worse than before....

    I'm sorry I am posting here again, even though Wright says my EMG is clean (therefore no ALS). I'm just hoping that you all have read enough "updates" from people who turn out not to have ALS, to possibly point me in another direction. I hate to repeat my whole story because typing has become...
  7. A

    My experience with ALS Worldwide, Stephen and Barbara Byer. Cannot recommend.

    ALS Worldwide, Stephen and Barbara Byer have for years been pitching treatments in Mex, China, Israel, etc. No one ever cured. They also pitch vitamins, a dexpramipexole isomer drug, etc . No one ever cured. Save your money.
  8. A

    Help Needed!

    Hi, My uncle was diagnosed with ALS three months before. After that the disease is spreading very quickly. We tried several doctors but none of them gave any positive response. But very recently I googled Wu Stem Cells Medical Center in China and contacted them. They gave a positive response...
  9. C

    If you were me, what would you do?

    Hello. I’m 33 years old and I would like your opinion. I’ve been quietly reading for around eight months now. I think it’s great how you guys support each other and offer encouragement to all the twitchy people looking for answers who post on this site. I guess I’m officially one of those...
  10. D

    There may be HOPE!

    I didn't want to put this under "Stories of Hope" just yet, but a few weeks ago I looked up cures for ALS and found that acupressure points on the instep of the human feet (massage), called Foot Nerve Therapy in Canada (originating from China) has cured people with ALS. My mom has been getting...